Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First FULL week in Albuquerque

Well, this last week has been a blur.  We cover two wards, and replaced elders.  So, there was just a lot of planning and going through the area books this last week.  We had a few people that we met with.  In fact, there's a baptism this Saturday!  He has been taught everything, but we get to snag him.  Also, we're working with a former member who will be getting baptized hopefully within the next month.  We have a few other people that we'e hoping to get baptized soon as well but there are a LOT of names for us to go visit.  I'm hoping to see a lot of progress.  : )
The people here are SO awesome.  The families in both wards are jut incredible, and love having us over.  Everyone is so sweet and considerate.
We have district meeting every Friday.  My district is four other elders, and then me and my companion.  The are SO funny, and a blast to be around.  We're going to do lots of district-building activities in the future. : )  Today is sports I think, and Thursday is "burger fact."  I'm a little nervous for that one.  They are all younger than me.  I'll go home just one transfer before two of them.  Except for Elder Brown.  He and I are gonna switch tags one day or something.  Every time some call him "Brown" I turn. They are way fun.
We have special zone training tomorrow Which means role playing for five hours. yay.

--Kylie had provided an incomplete address to her apartment.  It has now been corrected and the address you see------------> will find her.  When in doubt, always mail things to the mission home address.

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