Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Missionary WORK

Let me just begin by saying that when they call it missionary WORK, they mean it. The MTC was stressful because every minute of your day is scheduled, and you're sitting all day, yadda yadda. but seriously, it is hard stuff out here. Exact obedience is stressed big time. And for sure I want to obey everything, but it's incredible the amount of rules. The rigor that it takes to make it through a day is incredible.

Anyways, this week was HECTIC and overwhelming. Good nonetheless, but..... you'll see.
P-day last week was super fun. Tuesday we had special zone training. a lot of role plays.... that was fairly boring. But I liked getting to see everyone. and getting mail. (If you have sent me mail, you're my HERO. seriously, I can't tell you how much better a little mail, from anyone, makes my life). we met with a guy named josh, someone that my companion had taught before. that was super neat to listen to them talk. I liked hearing them talk about his experiences. one day i'm going to have my own 'josh'. !! :)
We had a few lessons, and did a lot of planning. Wed and Thursday were fairly boring. I mean, we did a lot of planning. Wed we had a RS party we went to and that was fun. And Thursday  we actually did a lot of just sitting we went to 'burger-face' with the elders, and that was actually a lot of fun. (put chili on your burger. don't question, just do). My companion had a migraine, and, as you will see in a moment, life was stressful beyond belief. so, we just sat a home a lot. i know that's bad, and it won't happen again, and we got really behind, but it's okay. i think things are getting better now.

Well, the big shock is that I have a new companion! My first companion was needed at home and is now back in Ohio. That was a huge stress this week as I was there as she struggled with the decision, and leaders were involved, etc. Finally, the choice was made, and she flew out on Friday  My new companion is super cool. Way organized, very spiritual. We get a long well. (She stresses me out a little bit with how organized and strict she is.... but I think i'd prefer that quality over a lot of others!). And the best part?... she's only been in the field for 8 weeks. So, she's not even totally done with her training, and now she's training me. I didn't learn nearly as much as i had thought i had in the last couple weeks, because turns out, we weren't really dong that much. And our area book wasn't kept up very well, so it feels like we're a couple of greenies opening a new area. it's. a. mess.

BUT, good news, we are surrounded by a lot of good people. Everyone is very supportive, the wards are awesome. And as much as I would hate to see one of the wards go, i'm hoping that next transfer (April 30), that they will split our area and we can cover just one ward. that would be really awesome. There are supposed to be a TON of new missionaries coming in again. So exciting!!
Kay well, despite the stressful new development, things are looking up. I love the packages and notes I have received. I can feel the prayers from y'all, and I appreciate them so much. They are needed, and I am so grateful for them. Especially during these next couple weeks.

We are teaching a girl named Christi. She is 17 and super awesome. Her mom won't let her get baptized right now, so we're just teaching her and hoping for the best.

OH! I also had my first baptism on Saturday! His name is Steven Gallegos. He is way cool, and I am SO proud of him. I didn't teach him at all... i met him for the first time on Tuesday  but I get to follow up with him now that he's a member. Such a cool guy, from such a rough past. I can't wait to ge to know him better. It was also neat, because now I know what the end goal is. I can't wait until I can teach someone and see them all the way until their baptism. Elder Brown from my district was there... he taught Steven, and then was able to speak at his baptism, and confirm him on Sunday. It was way neat.
Well, I hope that everything is going great for y'all!! I hope you had a great Easter and that you enjoy conference this weekend. It's going to be super awesome :)
Love from New Mexico,
Sister Brown

P.S OH! and look for me between sessions of conference!! I was filmed in the MTC... by KSL i believe. I don't know how much you'll see.... i'm in a yellow dress with curly hair. My teacher, sister frost, was spotlighted.... so it won't be a very long segment. and you might not even see my face... but i'm there. haha
kay thanks :)

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