Monday, April 22, 2013

Life as a missionary is the best!

Hi y'all!!
Hope everything is going great this week!! hope spring break was awesome, yadda yadda.  I heard about the bombing at the marathon.... the members here are great about keeping us updated on the news lol.

This week has been another good one! I feel like there isn't a whole lot new that happened. We're still teaching Christie, and she is planning on getting baptized this Friday, the 26th. We are STILL waiting for permission from her mom, but we'll see. She has incredible faith that things are going to work out, and we're counting on that.

I taught the restoration for the first time yesterday! I taught it to Bobbie, and she is incredible. She basically knows that the Book of Mormon is true, she is just learning everything, and is hesitant to do anything without her husband, who won't sit in on the lessons with us. He is very happy as a catholic, but we're hoping that they both will come to FHE in a member's home next week.
At Deseret Book last week I was like a little kid in a candy shop. I bought Mormon Messages 1 and 2, and they are SO handy. We use them for dinner messages all the time :) There's one called I am a Child of God. It's a lot of different people singing the song... you should watch it. it's way cute. well anyways, after watching it with a mom and her two little girls, my companion asked the girls how they knew that they were a child of God. Emory, I think she's 6, goes, "well. I'm a child. and he's God." I laughed SO hard. They were seriously a handful (this wasn't the first time that we had a child strip stark naked in front of us before we could do anything about it). But kids are seriously SO funny I can hardly stand it. And the wards here are SO young. I don't think that I've ever been in a sacrament meeting so loud before.

Oh another funny story... my companion broke the zipper on her skirt. And we weren't done working for the night. so we showed up at a members house to see if they could do anything, but the wife wasn't home, so we weren't allowed to come in. While the husband was making phone calls to see where we could go to get a change of clothes or the skirt fixed, or something, I stood on the doorstep laughing. I felt bad, but for some reason the situation was hilarious to me. Anyways, sometimes (actually most of the time) I cry when I laugh. I don't know why, it just happens. So poor Brother Rogers is trying to get a hold of another member that we can go to, and meanwhile is genuinely worried for me because I'm doubled over in laughter, but it looks like I'm sobbing (out of embarrassment?). I'm telling you.. I thought missionaries were kind of weird. But now that I am one... we are such normal people. We still get broken zippers, and scream bloody murder when there's a spider in our apartment (or when the elders come up behind you in the library), and love to splurge on ice cream once in a while. (only difference is that I look forward to wearing jeans a lot more than I did before haha) Life as a missionary is the best, because you are friends with everyone. And those that don't like you.... you just get over it. and you feel the spirit all the time. and you get to teach and share the gospel, and see lives change. and still have fun and be normal.  No joke, it's the greatest.
Well, that's about it for now. I promise I'll share more next week. miss y'all, and love you SO much! keep working hard!
Sister Brown

P.S. Two hours later Kylie sent this:

Well, surprise! we had to head south to rescue the elders, so i figure I'd email you again and give you a look at my pday today. It's basically been an adventure (but when don't I have an adventure I guess, right? haha)

Well, we woke up at 6:30. as per usual. on Mondays we don't exercise, but rather we clean. so we did that. We got ready from 7-8, personal study from 8-9 and companion study from 9-10. Then because transfers are almost over, we deep cleaned the apartment. (remember that we replaced elders. it was gross.)

We went to email, saw all the elders at the library, it's kind of fun to have little mini district reunions, then we went to subway for a quick lunch, then shopping :) We hit the mall. I think we are the only area with a mall... so that's nice. I'm basically getting bored of my clothes, so i got a couple of shirts... I'm still looking for skirts. that's the hard part. We went to old navy, and JC Penny, and it was basically a blast. The elders needed clothes... and we have a TON of left over suits, and pants, and shirts, and ties... and a lot of random junk left over from elders before us. So we came to the rescue, and brought the bags to the elders. They sifted through the clothes and found what they needed... and then the trouble came. As we were standing and talking for a bit, a lady came and asked us if we could help her jump her car. (we would LOVE to!! ;) ). so I drove over to help her.... but I don't know how to jump a car. In fact, I couldn't even figure out how to open the hood. it was quite embarrassing actually. (I figure, I will just always have my husband with me. or within cell reach. or my dad will come to the rescue. or the other person will know what to do. or if there is no cell service and all else fails, I will pray. But I also now know to pray for help... not that water will turn into gas and then put that into the tank. cause apparently that doesn't work. "God doesn't bless stupid" -Elder Brown).  But thanks to the elders, I now know how to jump a car. including opening the hood of the car, finding the battery, and revving the engine while everyone else talks and waits. We weren't able to get her car started.... but it was nice to help a little. And you learn something new every day i guess!! but that's why we're back at the library, and you get to hear me rant about my adventures. A little bit of a better glimpse into the life of Sister Brown.
Basically I'm a mess.
Love y'all!!
Sister Brown

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