Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This week has been so good!  Have I mentioned that time is way warped out here?  Seriously, I always feel tired.  And sometimes the days go slow, but without a doubt the weeks go by quickly.  I've already been a missionary for a little over a month!  Can you believe it?!  Crazy stuff 'round here.

Nothing too exciting this week...We have had more appointments this week at least.  So it's been nice to actually have somewhere to have planned to go, rather than trying to fit a lot of people in that you don't know if they'll answer the door or not. haha

We went on exchanges last week.  That's where you and another companionship basically switch companions for 24 hours.  It was interesting...but it was a good learning experience.  I stayed and Sister D came and stayed with me.  It was not terrible, but it was quite the experience I can say that.  haha  Maybe next time I'll get to go somewhere else neat.  : )

Lessons with Christi continue to be fantastic!  That girl amazes me.  Seriously her testimony in SO strong.  She asked her mom for permission to get baptized...and was told no.  (It's a super big step that she even was able to ask her mom though!)  We're still praying and hoping though.  She said that her sister might even be a little interested.  I meet with her again today, and we're leaving the date of the 26th for her to get baptized. It's going to be so awesome!

Kelly is doing well.  He is a former member that we love working with.  He is so neat and is working hard to come back to the church.  We also found a new investigator on Sunday!  Her name is Bobbie, and she is so sweet.  Her daughter got baptized awhile ago and is working towards the temple.  Bobbie is hesitant to join because she is Catholic, and her husband doesn't want to sit in on the lessons or anything (yet).  But she already has seen the goodness of the gospel, and has a testimony of The Book of Mormon before even reading it.  Can't wait to be teaching her more!

So sorry that I didn't get an email out yesterday.  They open up the temple twice a year on a Monday just for missionaries!  I got to see a lot of people in my MTC district, and it was so nice to go to the temple.  I loved it!!  And after, we all go to lunch with the members that gave us rides, and Deseret Book is swarmed with missionaries   I felt like a little kid in a candy store!  I was so excited to go shopping for things to put in m apt, and use in my's a little ridiculous haha.  (I bought Mormon messages on DVD.  They are perfect for dinner messages, and even lessons sometimes!  So  neat!)  But because of that, we get a little bit of and extra p-day today to finish emailing and shopping and such, so that's nice.

Let's see, the weather is great.  There were a few days where it was super cold.  ( 45*)  But now it's back up into the 70's pretty consistently.  It's way nice...except the wind blows all the time!!  That should end in a couple months though.  (Guess I'm wearing straight skirts and my hair up for the next 2 months... : /  )

Heads up, transfers are on the 30th.  Normally I would plan on staying, but I really have no idea.  President asked me in an interview how I would feel if I had to train next transfer.  Really it terrifies me, but I told him that I would be scared, and I feel inadequate, but the Lord won't hand me anything that I can't handle.  Here goes nothing!

Hope all is well!  Thanks for the prayers!!!  Keep working hard, and choose to be happy!  Love y'all!

"Burger Face"

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