Monday, April 29, 2013

Working hard or hardly working.

Hey y'all!

Well, bad news first... Christi didn't get permission, so she didn't get baptized last week. She is now on date for this week... but we STILL don't have permission. She is working hard with her parents though.. so we'll see. Fingers crossed!

 I got to go to the mall last week. I got a couple new shirts.... it's kind of a highlight. I'll need to go shopping again for some skirts. They are WAY hard to find though. So if you happen to go to a goodwill..... I'm a size 8-10. haha jk

OH! The news everyone is waiting for! My companion and I are both staying in Albuquerque for 6 more weeks together! Hallelujah. I love this area SO much, and I am so glad that I get to stay. (Hopefully long enough to see Christie get baptized!)

Today all of the greenies came in, so I'm going greenie-knocking. Basically we're taking them tracting... yikes. But it'll be fun I think! Those poor missionaries have no idea what they're in for! lol

We taught seminary this week... 5:30. Which means I got up at 4. One of the longest, most tiring days. ever. But it actually wasn't too bad. It's way fun to teach about missionary work, and to see others get excited too.
We're not doing a lot of teaching right now. a lot of appointments fall through, or we don't have anyone to talk to. And during the day most people are at work... so we do a LOT of knocking on doors, that nobody answers. So, that's fun.

I've learned that being a missionary, wearing that nametag, does crazy things. Like, you're specially protected and whatnot. There are places that even cops don't like to go to... that missionaries work in, and are totally safe. (Not where I'm at now. so don't worry). And people feel comfortable telling you things that they wouldn't tell anyone else. Like, things about their past, or things that they are suffering, that they don't tell anyone else. but feel like they can confide in you. You almost learn things as a missionary that you wish you didn't. But at the same time, it's really neat that now you have this responsibility to care for and help those members and individuals that need that specific help and direction. I have had people tell me about experiences in the church, and deep sufferings that they are experiencing, that they wouldn't tell anyone else, ever. Just a 20 year old girl... with a nametag.

Being a representative of Christ is a HUGE responsibility. But it's one of the coolest things EVER.
I got to serve on Saturday! Finally! I got to put on jeans and a t-shirt, hair in a ponytail, and work in the dirt laying bricks for a recent convert. I loved it! And it's getting really warm here... so I totally have a tan-line on my feet from my shoes. (You know those black ones I got from Clark's that I wasn't sure if I wanted them or not? yeah... I wear them every day. they are seriously the best! haha)

Oh! We sang in sacrament on Sunday! My companion really didn't want to... but she did great :) one of the YW played for us, and we sang 'Nearer my God to Thee'. It really was beautiful. She also spoke, it was a homecoming. The whole meeting was on missionary work, so I hope that will jump-start the ward a bit.
I hope My companion can put up with me for 6 more weeks. No joke... I'm having an absolute blast. But I'm sure I'm kind of a mess.

As is likely evidenced in these scatterbrained emails. haha
I hope that all is well back home! I miss and love ya'll so much! Keep working hard!
Sister Brown.
P.S.- I forgot! There's a guy in my ward... Brother Hutchings. His wife is from GA, so we're basically best friends already. She has 3 boys, and then just had triplets. (did I tell you this already?) Anyways, she's super mom, and I love her. And her husband? yeah, he built the Grayson Post office, put in the glass in all of the baptismal fonts in the SE, and built that wall-fence in front of the Lawrenceville building. He showed me pictures of the church and everything. So cool :)

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