Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Week Down

This week has been way good!!  It's getting really warm here, and I think the wind will die down soon.  Hopefully.

Greenie knocking went really well last week!  Tracting is definitely not my favorite, but somehow when I was the "experienced on" it was no big deal.  Like, I just jumped right in, got to know the girls, and knocking was not a problem.  I think I'm excited to rain one day...it'l be fun.  : )

I think I told you that our numbers have been kind of low-ish.  Ventana Ward in particular has had almost no lessons.  We aren't teaching anyone...it's way hard.  And kind of discouraging.  But this last week we finally got our appointments with some less active members to go through and though numbers were still low, we at least had more than zero's!  So anyways, we've been a little disappointing for awhile.  And after we went greenie knocking, elder Hanks, one of the AP's, pulled us aside.  he said that they had had dinner with one of the leaders from our area, and they had commented on our great work.  They hadn't had progress records like ours in a long, long time and they were really impressed.  I can't tell you how nice it was to that!!!  Even though things were a little discouraging, at least some of the leaders think that we are doing a good job.   : )

We're fortunate to have a car, but we are only allowed to drive 1000 miles each month.  It sounds like a lot...but it's not really.  So on the last do of the month...we walked.  A lot.  And I'm getting a funny missionary tan line...yay.  haha.

Today (May 6th) is 2 months since I entered the MTC.  I can't believe how fast time has gone!!!  Seriously, I don't think that time has ever gone this fast for me.  Ever.  That's one plus about working hard...sometimes the days are long, but  the weeks and months go by really quick.

We taught Christi a few times this week.  She still didn't get baptized because she still doesn't have parental permission.  We're trying again...hopefully for June 1st.  She is way solid...we don't even know what to teach her any more!  We are teaching Kelly C, a less active.  She is so sweet and wants to come back to church but isn't sure where to start.  So we are tying to get the ward involved in helping her come back.  Also, have I told you about Kelly S?  He is a former member working o come back to activity.  He is such a funny guy and I love working with him.  His wife is Catholic and has no interest in joining.  But she started bringing he daughter and they both sit in on the lessons!  I love teaching them!  : )  Also, were teaching a lady named Bobbie.  (Side note  Kelly's wife is Bobbi as well.  And Bobbie's husband si Bob.  We work with several different Kelly's, 2 Zane's and we know 2 Christi's.  As if it wasn't hard enough trying to get to know two different wards, they all have the same names!  haha)  Anyways, Bobbie's daughter, Jessica, got baptized about a year ago.  Bobbie is Catholic and I don't think she really wants to join without her husband (who won't sit in on the lessons),  but she totally has a testimony.  I can't wait to see her get baptized one day.        : )

We had two days with no cancelled appointments.  And seriously, those days I wanted to dance and sing!  haha.   It's THE best when everything goes as planned.  There were a few days when i felt absolutely beat.  Spiritually, emotionally, physically, but somehow, you always just get up the next morning and keep going  and things always work out!

Sorry, I'm just about out about out of time.  I'll write more next week and maybe try to keep a better journal so I can remember what to write to y'all.   (but speaking of journals, I'm almost done with mine already.  Seriously, I'm going to go through so many journals! lol)

Love y'all SO much!

Here's some pictures!!  Sorry.  I actually haven't taken very many recently.  But here's to fill you in a little.  The sunsets out here are beautiful.  Plus, I live in a desert, so here's an idea of what the land is like.  Flat.  There's a generation shot.  Me and my trainer and her trainer.  My mom and grandma  : )

Ben (from the ward,) Mason, Christi, Sis. Morris and me

My "Mom" and "Grandma"

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