Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fishes and Squirrels

This week was pretty good!  I emailed y'all last Tuesday because Sister Morris had  kidney stone...that was exciting.

Because we had a service project planned for Thursday, we started doing our weekly planning on Wednesday.  But part way through, a less active member (LA) we have been trying to get a hold of for a long time called us.  She needed a priesthood blessing pronto.  SO, because missionary work and the church is awesome, withing 30 minutes we had our Zone leaders following us to her house to give her a blessing.  It was powerful, and now we are meeting with her family weekly.  They are ready to change, but are having a hard time knowing where to start.  Their life is WAY super hard...so it's a real blessing that we were able to go and see her.  Her boy friends is a potential now too, so that's super cool.

Thursday, we did service.  A few weeks ago Sister Tye asked us if we could help her clean out her pond.  And of course we said yes!  I got to wear jeans, and life was good.  We ended up being at her house ALL day.  Seriously, 11:30-8:30, minus a break for dinner.  And that pond was horrific.  Covered in so much algae  it was disgusting.  But we waded through it all and caught all of the fish.  (That was the best part.  Who knew Sister Morris and I had a talent for catching fish with our hands?!)  And there were close to 2 dozen pots that grew water lilies that we had to clean all of the algae off of...I told you it was nasty.  But we had so much fun getting covered in water and mud and saving the fish.  It was such a fun day.  : )

Friday and Saturday we didn't have much planned, so it was more door knocking.  But we actually got several LA lessons, which is way good.  And LA's are starting to come to church!! ahh!!! :)  Friday we did burger face again with the elders...and I had 2.  I'm a fatty.  haha

On Saturday Mason had his graduation party.  Now normally, we don't go to those type of things, but Christi texted us and said that her mom would be there, so we could "drop by" if we wanted.  OF COURSE!  Se we went, and Mason introduced us to his mom.  We didn't talk religion or anything, but we had a good talk with her.  That is a huge, huge step.  So, know she knows who we are and hopefully understands that we're normal people.  I think that we're going to have some good progress with her soon.  :)

Also, I extended a baptism invitation to Tara, Kelly Steven' wife's daughter.  Our rules over there are to not be pushy, but that Bobbie and Tara can sit on the lessons and learn.  Well, Bobbie was laying down with a headache...The spirit was strong, and both Sister Morris and I felt very prompted to extend an invitation.  I asked her if she would get baptized, (and my heart was pounding so hard), and she said she would if she knew it were true.  I felt so good, and Sister Morris said that it was way good.  But a couple days ago we talked to Kelly, and apparently Tara talked to Bobbie, who talked to Kelly, and we had crossed the line.  They don't want to sit in on lessons anymore...So that's really discouraging.  I'm just putting my trust in the Lord that everything will work out.  I can't deny the prompting that I received...so, here's hoping!

We're going on a church tour with Korie tomorrow.  (I told you about her, right?  Her pastor isn't very fond of us, and she has a lot of bible questions).  Her and Kayla and Isiac want to take more time to "read the Mormon Bible" and study before they talk to us again.  That scares me a little...but hopefully it will turn out okay.

Well, overall things are good!  We have interviews with President today...our last ones before he leaves in July!  Crazy!

Hang in there, and I hope that everything is going awesome!  Love y'all, and keep up all the hard work, and thank you so much for your prayers and support!!

Sister Brown

ps-Remind me I have a funny story to tell you about a squirrel.  Sorry, I'm out of time.

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