Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Squirrel Story and More

This last week was excellent!  Well, as far as numbers and lessons go it was a little sad, but generally it was a really good week.
We had interviews last Monday, and they were pretty cool actually.  It's just like, 15 minutes with President-he teaches you a little something and then you chat.  he asked me again what would I think if I had to train next transfer...I think I could do it.  But it makes me a little nervous.  But also excited, cause that means we have a ton of new sisters coming out!  Which is WAY awesome!  When I came out, I think there were like...20 sisters?  And in a few months we should have around 95.  My mind is blown!

Well, Sister Morris has the worst luck.  She got sick again Wednesday morning, so we stayed inside all day. it gets a little boring, but I did a lot of reading and whatnot, which was actually way good.  And the only thing we had to cancel was a service project that we did later in the week instead.  Friday was Zone conference...so our zone and a zone next to us had a big meeting.  It began at 7 am with car inspections.  Then we practiced for a couple of songs we we're singing.  Home and car maintenance reviews, and then the rest of the meeting.  It was kind of a long day, but the meeting was way awesome.  : )  We learned a lot about baptism, having the right kinds of attitude, and things like that.  (You need to stomp out the ANTS.  Automatic Negative Thoughts.  And play the glad game...where you find something good in every situation.) It was a way cool meeting.  :)  And Saturday we went and did service with a family.  We're helping her back into activity.  She's been through a lot, and helps us out all the time.  (When Sis. Morris was sick, they brought us lunch and little gift bags with sunscreen and candy and lotion and things like that.)

We didn't do too much teaching this week.  We gave some small lessons to LA's, and we taught the Mink twins...they're getting baptized this August, and they're way fun to work with.  : )  Also, Christi's mom came to church on Sunday!!  That was a HUGE deal!!  :D  We're still waiting to see exactly what she thought...and see how close we are to getting Christi baptized.  I'm still a little on edge about it all.  But we keep praying and something good will come eventually I'm sure.

I hope 'all had a good Memorial Day!  We just shopped, and relaxed.  The morning was a little hectic...but the afternoon was relaxing and wonderful. : )

I hope that everything is going well with ya'll!  thank you so much for everything you do.  : D

Sister Brown

PS-the Squirrel story:
SO, a couple weeks ago a LA called us and needed a blessing pronto.  WE have been trying to get a hold of her for a long time, so this was a big blessing.  We called our ZL's (Zone Leaders) cause they live super close, and recruited them to come help us give a blessing.  They just followed us there.  Well, while we were going along, suddenly Sister Morris screams!  I look back, thinking the Elders had like, crashed or something.  Terrified, and realizing they were okay, I asked a hyperventilating Sister Morris what was wrong.

she had run over a squirrel.

I was laughing so hard!  When we got there, the first thing she does is ask the Elders if they saw the squirrel, and did we really hit it.  They assured us that it was very dead.  long gone.  guts splattered all over the road.

Well, a few days later, we had a district meeting that they came to.  At district meeting, we report our numbers for the week, and tell a miracle story.  When they got up, the did their miracle story first.  They began by saying that the Sisters (us) needed them for a blessing.  On the way to the home, a squirrel jumped in front of our car, out of nowhere.  he went underneath the car...and then jumped back out, unscathed!  They couldn't believe that us Sisters had so much faith that the squirrel could live through that!
And then we couldn't believe they let Sister Morris be guilt ridden for days, believing that she had killed the poor squirrel.

It was great.  : )

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