Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Long Week

This last week has been kind of long. Probably because I was so excited to Skype home on Mother’s Day. I think all us missionaries get at least a little trunky when we get to talk to family.

Last Monday I convinced the elders to hang out outside, rather than in playing basketball. It was pretty much the greatest! There isn't a lot of grass in Albuquerque, but there is a little park by our library. So we kicked a soccer ball around, played some ultimate, and played 'lava tag' on the playground. It is starting to get hot, but lately the weather has really been ideal. I love it. :) Anyways; missionaries are basically just big kids that get to share the gospel full time. So when we get the chance to just relax and have fun, it's pretty great :)

Well, last week was fast Sunday, and my companion and I fasted for the Ventana ward, because we don't really have anyone to teach, and it just kind of seems like nothing was happening. WELL, on Tuesday we went on exchanges. (side note- my Sister trainer leader (STL) is awesome. she is still so cute and fun, but a very consecrated, hard-working missionary. I want to be like her!) Anyways, she and I went and contacted a member referral from a young woman. The referrals name is Korie, an 18 year old young woman. She said she had a lot of questions, and would love to meet with us! So on Thursday, my companion and I went back, and ended up meeting with her, her sister, and brother-in-law (Kayla and Isiac). (that's 3 new investigators!) We taught them the restoration, but they mostly have a ton of questions. They REALLY know their bible! They go to another Christian church, where the pastor is pretty well known for being anti-mormon. So, they know the most random references in the bible and BOM, and have lots of questions about how they do or do not relate, and what our beliefs are. I have been spending a LOT of time researching the bible. Cross referencing, studying, asking questions... seriously, this is tough stuff! We are meeting with them again on Wednesday to teach about the plan of salvation, and answer more questions. What's really cool though, is that you get into those kind of situations, and really have no clue what they're talking about, but all of a sudden you have an answer, from some random scripture or conference talk you read that one time, like 5 years ago. Or something random a seminary teacher talked about suddenly comes to mind. Truly, you begin to teach, and the Lord fills your mouth. It’s the neatest.

Kelly S. is doing really well! We are teaching him and his wife's daughter, so that he can get back to baptism. They are so neat, and so willing to learn. Tara (the daughter), is catholic, but eager to learn what we are about. She even accepts challenges! (another new investigator!) Last week we taught about the Word of Wisdom, and even though she drinks coffee occasionally, (and right now has no intentions of joining our church), she said she would give it up. She hates feeling like it rules her life, and is willing to start making changes! Holy moly!

Christi is still doing amazing, of course. She says to thank ya'll for the prayers in her behalf, and to tell you that she is doing great. We prayed and set another date for June 8th. She also got a baptismal interview last week, and is so ready for baptism. It is so neat to work with her, because she knows when God is working in her life. She looks for those miracles, and thrives on them. This last Sunday she brought her Aunt to church, and then said that her mom mentioned she wishes she had gone. That is a HUGE step!! Hopefully we will get to meet with her mom soon!!
Saturday we went tracting in an old trailer park, that we just found out was in our ward. We tracted for 2 hours. It was hot. Our purses were heavy. We were tired of walking. No one wanted to listen to us. Basically, I don't really like tracting. But the member that was supposed to come get us thought she had picked the short line in Wal-Mart, and it ended up taking an extra 10 minutes or so. So, we kept going. In that last 5 minutes or so that we hadn't planned on having, we knocked on a random door. The lady came out, and we talked with her for a bit. Her name is Emily, and she said she did have some faith, but that we could come back!! Hopefully we'll get to teach her again soon. (another new! that makes five new investigators in one week!!! holy moly!!)

Well, Sunday morning my companion woke up in a lot of pain. She said she had been in pain for hours, and was on the verge of throwing up. So, to the ER we went. They were really nice and were able to get us in quickly... after an IV and CT scan, we found she has a Kidney stone. (most likely caused by dehydration. I'm going to drink so much water it's not even funny!) Anyways, we were there for a while. We eventually made it home, she took a short nap, and then we ventured out. She got a priesthood blessing, and then we Skyped out parents. (Best day ever!!) We had dinner, and then went home for the rest of the night. Monday, she was very drugged, so we went shopping. But she was feeling sick again, so we went home to rest. When she started throwing up, we went back to the ER. 3.5 hours of waiting, and a priesthood blessing later, we finally got home around 10:30. We took it easy this morning, and she is finally feeling better. But let me tell you, it has been crazy. (Saturday morning we had to help another sick sister, and Friday Elder Reali from my district crashed his bike and cracked his elbow in 3 places. remind me to never go in a bike area... haha) And I learned that you never want your companion to be sick. There is nothing to do as a missionary! you read scriptures, nap, read more, maybe write some letters if it's a pday, make jello for when your comp can eat again, text the elders updates.... it's really boring. Life is a lot better when you can be out teaching!

Well, that's about it for this week. I am so excited to have new people to teach! It feels so nice to be out of the house again today too. I am doing so well, and I love it here so much!! Everyone is really nice, and takes such good care of us.

Have an excellent week!! Miss y'all so much, and love you a ton!

Sister Brown
PS- shout out to Julia and Chester Kener! Good luck at dental school in Ohio! I heard you got accepted..... from a brother Kelley that's in my ward here from Pocatello. Small world right? haha

double PS- I never re-read these, so I hope they make sense. I know I ramble.... I’ll work on that. haha

and sometimes.... your companion is sick, and you get really bored.......

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