Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July and other exciting things

SO, we went golfing this morning as a district. And we have exchanges tonight. (Thank heavens our dinner cancelled.....) Anyways, I’m way short on time. So I’m sending an email, but it's short and sweet. And I’ll do a double update next week. Deal?
Anyways, the beginning of this week was kind of difficult. I look back, and I didn't even write in my journal Sunday or Monday. Nothing specific had really happened.... just the stress of being on a mission I guess. But a good talk with the comp, and a priesthood blessing, and I'm back on my feet.

Tuesday we met the new president and his wife. And I am SO impressed. I can't wait to work with him and even in just the past week I have seen so much. His dedication and everything is incredible. They are both so personable, and just incredible. When he stood to speak to us, he had each of us stand and say our names and where we are from, and then made a comment. I told him I was from Atlanta, Georgia. He asked me to repeat it. When I did, he said, "You’ve got a little bit of a southern drawl. You wear that proudly, just like that beautiful smile."
I think we're going to get a long just great :)
We taught a lesson to Kelly S. I worry about him a little... Things have seemed a bit off lately. So, hopefully the lesson tonight will go a lot better, and we'll find out what is wrong.
We have a new date set for Christi! (Did I say this already?) The 20th of July. She gets back this Wednesday, so we'll meet with her on Thursday and see how that goes. AND, we have a meeting set up with her mom on the 16th! A little farther out than we had hoped... but it'll be great :) we can't wait!
The 4th was a total blast. We attended the breakfast activity for both wards. Then planned all day... and had 2 BBQ's that night. The members here are awesome, and we had a way good time!!! :)
Oh we taught Bobbie on Wednesday... and that went really well. This week she is inviting a friend to come. (The friend couldn’t make it last week)

Not really any more lessons this week. We painted, helped install a new sink, mopped floors, and re-cleaned that lady's pond.
It has rained almost every evening this last week. (When we were cleaning out the pond.... we got absolutely drenched! it was a blast!) We need the water so bad. Apparently NM kind of missed monsoon season the last couple years... so hopefully it will kick in this year. The drought is pretty bad.
I reached 4 months! Can’t believe how fast time has gone!!

Kay..... I’m sorry that is short and so scattered. I had a lot more I wanted to tell you. But alas, we will save it for another time. Love y'all!!!

Sister Brown

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