Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Well Hello!! --July 1, 2013

This last week has been more of the norm.  We go on exchanges this I'm hoping that I'll get to leave my area for that, and get a new perspective on other ways that missionary work can happen.

Anyways, we're doing well!  Sister S. is feeling a lot better.  One of the benefits of her being celiac (well, we have to look on the bright side right?) is that we get asked a lot what we want for dinner.  So, we were good and had a big chef's salad one night.  That was actually one of the best meals I've ever had.  : )  We also have several gluten free families in both wards, so they give us random snacks, and pasta, and cookies, and lots of things.  Because they know that gluten free is expensive and hard to find.  So, when I say we, really I mean they give them to her.  But sometimes I get to benefit.  : )  It's the greatest.

We talked with Christi last week, and she is currently in NY until July 10. So that's kind of a bummer.  But we set a new date for July 20. She also said that we could go and visit her mom while she was gone.  SO, we went and did that on Friday night.  We were seriously nervous as all get out.  But, I thought about all of the miracles that have happened with her so far, and gathered all my faith, and we went to the door.  She recognized me from when I met her a month or so ago, and we got to chatting.  I just told her that we knew Christi was out of town, and were wondering if we could talk with her, or help her out with anything.  I was expecting the worst, but she said that it was a bad time because she was putting the kids to bed.  But we could get her cell number from Christi, and text her to set up a time to meet with her because she would love to talk with us!  God is good.  I was amazed, and we are working on setting up a time with her this week to go and chat. (!!!!)

So I told you about Jen last week...we have tried a few times to visit her with no luck still.  She either hasn't been home...or is now avoiding us for some reason.  I'm not sure what's up, but we'll keep trying a few times this week.  The elders commend us for all of the referrals we get.  I tell them that you just have to smile and bat your eyelashes a little and the referrals will come flooding in. haha just kidding.  It has taken a lot of building the trust with the members, and other hard work.  But the problem is now we are getting all of these referrals...and no one wants to talk with us.  I mean...we're cute right?  And we're sharing a message about Jesus Christ that will change your life.  I figure we'd have more takers. lol

There were two 14 year old boys that went on trek.  And we have now had dinner with a member family, and both of their families.  They are both going to Philmont in a week or so, but I think that we will be teaching both families after Philmont. Which is super awesome.  They are really good boys, and I can't wait to work with them and their families.  : )

Friday at District meeting the AP's  showed up randomly.  (Assistants to the President.)  I think it was a little intimidating, and made Elder Lee a little frustrated...but it ended up being a really good meeting on working with the members, and finding ideas, etc.   Which is exactly what we needed, so it was great.  And I got BBQ pulled pork for lunch, which I was craving, and it reminded me a lot of the good ole south.

We talked with Bobbie a lot about baptism.  She said that the idea kind of scares her.  So basically, she knows that this is the path she is going to take one day.  She just wants to take everything slow...which is perfectly fine.  : )  We are going to keep everything at her pace, and make sure that all her fears are settled, and that she is ready before we go too fast.  It's good.  : )

We got to have a meeting with Elder Villareal and Elder Echohawk of the 70 on Saturday.  It was incredible.  :)  We learned a whole bunch, and if I thought I was excited about being a missionary before...I'm way excited now.  We learned a lot about our purpose, and the impact that we can make.  It was also President and Sister Millers last big meeting with any missionaries, so it was kind of hard to see them be so emotional.  It was a tender moment.

Speaking of their last meeting, they fly home today.  In fact...they're probably already gone.  And the new President and Sister Miller are coming in today!  We are SO excited to get to know them tomorrow, and to work with them. They seem great!

Sorry I'm out of time again...It was Elder Lee's birthday yesterday, so we're doing sports and things for him today.  It'll be way fun...even though it's smoldering outside.

Love y'all so much!!!  Have and excellent week!!!

Sister Brown

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