Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Miracles are happening!

Hey y'all!!

So, sorry I didn't get an email out yesterday. I think I’m cursed.... Sister Stuart got so sick. so needless to say, the only time we left the apartment was so that we could check the mail and she could get a little fresh air. Other than that... I got to stay inside all day and clean the apartment and get somewhat caught up on my letter writing. And she's feeling a lot better today, so I guess it all works out.

also as a side note, Sister Stuart is a Celiac- she's allergic to wheat. So, that's a bummer. But we get asked a lot now what we want to eat, which is cool. And we're getting a better variety of things. (Or we still get hamburgers; she just eats them with lettuce. I am SO done with hamburgers and pizza... haha)

We had a pretty good week! We're still working on increasing the number of lessons we teach per week. Hoping for 20... Right now we're not quite getting even half that. and with summer people are way busy, and out of town, etc. But things will get better soon! We’re trying to work way hard, and we've been able to see little glimpses at the fruits of our labors. So I’m excited to see new things happen!

Tuesday was busy. We helped take apart a bathroom for the Travis family a week ago. So since then we have helped in the back yard, painted, and helped put in her shower too. That was an adventure. We had a lesson with Kelly S. that night that was really neat. It was a simple lesson on prayer and scripture reading. So really all we did was discuss it a little, and bear our testimonies. But at the end, when sister Stuart was expressing her love for the scriptures and how important daily reading is, Kelly said, "I'll do it sisters. I'll do it". He also talked about his desire to go to church and the temple one day with his wife... and as a missionary you love the people so much and want exactly that for them. It was a very spirit filled lesson, and a turning point for Sister Stuart I think. She had been struggling a little, and after that lesson, she was on a high. It was so cool to be the trainer instead of the trainee, and watch her love grow for the people. Suddenly she knew that even though the first part of her mission was hard, suddenly it was all worth it. Being the 'mom' is so cool!! Missions are so great! :)

Wednesday we had a lot planned for the evening... and only a couple of those went through. A lesson with a LA, and a lesson with Bobbie. But during our studies that morning, a member called us and asked if we could help someone move, because it was a lot more chaotic than she thought. So, we left our studies and headed over! (It’s such a blessing when the members think of us!) Anyways, apparently the family thought that they were just about done.... but there was stuff everywhere. So we called in the elders as reinforcements later in the day. We stayed until about 4, and just packed and moved. And vacuumed and cleaned. And shampooed and painted. And swept and mopped. And packed and moved more. And the elders fixed up the back yard. It was a blast :)

And that night, we had a lesson with Bobbie N. It was so neat, because she said this last week she hadn't been living her life any differently, but suddenly she was feeling guilty for things she was doing. Like, not reading her Book of Mormon, or drinking alcohol casually with her friends. (We haven't even taught her about the WOW yet...). The spirit is really working with her, and it's so neat to watch. We need to be patient, but she is definitely going to get baptized one day and enter the temple. I just know it.

Another cool thing that happened that night.... So last Saturday we had dinner at our old WML's house, and they said that we could go and say hi to their neighbor. So right after dinner, we went over and introduced ourselves. She was making dinner and recovering from surgery so it was a bad time, but she said that we could come back. To us, it was nothing special, but we were excited that we could come back and visit. Well, Wednesday night we got a text from Brother Lovin, forwarding a message from this neighbor (Jen). She had texted him, and thanked him for sending us over. She had been wondering "why me?", but when Sister Stuart and I went over, he was given hope and knew God had a better plan for her. We are going to visit her tonight, and I can't wait. It is SO neat to witness these little miracles and watch God work in the lives of others. You never know the difference you could be making.

The rest of the week we did some service. We weeded (and I got sunburned on my scalp. ow.), and we helped another family move in. So not a ton of teaching but it was really good stuff :) Sunday was just a LOT of meetings. But good ones... especially the worldwide missionary meeting. I hope that any who got to see it took some good notes. I am so inspired :)

Then yesterday Sister Stuart was sick all day.... so we just stuck around the apartment. But The ZL's came over and delivered some applesauce, and then the Spanish Elders came and helped with a blessing. Then later the 4 elders in our district came over to keep us company, and brought some Gatorade. I love those missionaries a whole bunch.

Oh! And today we met with Christi. She has been out of town... and is going out of town again for 2.5 weeks to NY. So we are setting a new date, probably for July 20. And while she is gone we are going to stop by her house to try and talk with her mom. Wish us luck!

Well, I hope that everything is going splendid. Love y'all a whole bunch, and have an excellent week!!!

Sister Brown.

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