Monday, June 17, 2013


(Due to the busyness of the posting family, this one is a week late.  Sorry.)

So the big stuff first...transfer news!! *drum roll*

I am staying in my area, and I am training the lovely Sister Stuart!

I am normally laid back...but transfers give me anxiety.  So I have been stressin' big time.  Last Wednesday they gave leadership when we got the call, I willingly accepted to be a trainer, but I have been freaking. out. Anyways...Saturday we were let know who was leaving, but not where.  I am so sad to be loosing Sister Morris as my comp.  She is in Santa Fe now, training another Sister, and I know that she will do awesome there.  : )  And Sister Stuart, so far, is the  We get along and she is so darn cute.  And new!  I already love her!

Onto the rest of the week!  So about a month ago, there was a stabbing at a Catholic Church here.  Some mentally ill teenager attacked the choir.  Well, Bobbie N., that we are teaching right now, goes to the church. She wasn't there for the event, but she generally goes to the same mass that the main choir guy goes to.  She knew him and his family, and was taking him dinner one night.  Well, when she was there, she felt prompted and asked him if he could use some support and would want the missionaries to come over!!  (I have the coolest investigators! haha)  Anyways, he said that he had moved form Vegas, and lived near the temple, and used to have the missionaries come over there.  He missed his discussions with them, and would love for the missionaries to come over!  We were SO stoked.  Well...turns out that we had to give the referral to a set of Elders. That was a little bit depressing that we don't get to teach him.  but the elders are teaching a victim of the stabbing at the Catholic Church!  This is huge!!

Chirsti didn't get baptized last Saturday.  It's killing me.  Her mom and sister go sick so we were never able to meet with them.  But we're hopin that this week we can meet and get a feel for where they are.  (And hopefully get permission!)  Spencer, the Bishops' son and and RM of like, a week, is good friends with Christi's older sister.  So he has been talking with her, and he's going to start coming to lessons, which is super awesome.  : )

We taught Bobbie N. last night for Sister Morris' last lesson here.  Teaching her is absolutely incredible.  Whenever we say anything, she always says that it makes so much sense to her.  Holes she didn't know she has are being filled.  Really, I feel like we are just reminding her of everything, rather than teaching her anything.  She reads, and accepts everything so readily.  We just need her husband to be on board...but last night we talked to her about being an example, and how she might need to do that for her husband.  It's way exciting.  : )  Hopefully we'll set a baptism date with her soon!!

Our members here are awesome.  : )  On Thursday, a sister knew that we had a hankering for some french toast. SO, she invited us over for a brunch, along with a few LA's and non-member friends.  And a sister added fabric to one of m skirts, and another sister is going to take one in for me.  And we have more leftovers in our fridge than I will ever know what to do with.  We are seriously so blessed here!!

Sunday consisted of a lot of goodbyes for Sister Morris.  It was way hard to see her go.  It also broke 100* yesterday.  I saw 103, but I think it got to at least 106.  It was so, so hot.  BUT, I am grateful that I am in a car.  And that it's not humid.  I feel for those poor missionaries serving in the South.

I hope everything is well with y'all!!  I love you bunches, and thank you so much for your prayers.

God Speed!

Sister Brown

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