Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm running out of subjects and it's only 3 months in...

So like I said last week, I'm training the dear Sister Stuart!!  She is absolutely incredible.  I love her with all of my heart, and I feel more like she's training me!  Seriously...I feel like I get so scattered and forgetful.  But she is straightforward and on top of everything.  I do most of the teaching right now, but she'll get the hang of that soon.  : )  I just remember being in her exact shoes, so I know how she feels.  And sure enough, I really don't mind taking the lead in lessons and doing a lot of the teaching.  It's really neat when all of your studies, and thoughts, and everything go towards those that you teach.  And then you get to take charge, and go change lives!!

It's gotten over 100* a lot of the days this week.  And it had been way windy, and therefore VERY dusty.  And we do a lot of just knocking.  Not too many people have been home...so we just knock and knock and knock.  Usually doors of people that we know or are trying to get a hold of...but it's kind of hard.  Anyways, so most of the week, that's what we have done.  Walking, and knocking, and singing, and trying not to get sunburned.

We taught a lesson to the Minks.  They are now out of town for the next two...but I think that Austin is liking it more.  Or maybe the fact that his Grandpa was there helped his interest and behavior.  Haha.

On Friday we had a really good district meeting on faith.  We talked about miracles, and having a good attitude, and how we need to have the faith to work those miracles.  Yesterday, Sister Stuart and I fasted for new investigators.   Our mission is striving for 710+ baptisms for the year, and each companionship needs to baptize a family of 5 for that to happen.  So we fasted for a family, and we are studying a lot on faith.  And yesterday in church, we got a ton of referrals!  The Ventana Ward Relief Society had really good missionary moments, and I think things are looking up.  I know that we are on the Lord's time, but I also know that he is preparing people, and that good things are to come!  We are going to re-visit a few of the contacts this week, and see if they really are interested at all.

So, seriously, we didn't really teach any lessons this week.  But we are working hard.  And Sister Stuart and I are going to be pros at taking bathrooms apart and cleaning houses!  : )

Also, we are spending a lot of time looking for daily things that make us happy, and miracles, etc.  It really makes the hard times, and even the good ones, go better.  So, you should play the "glad game" and look for good in EVERY situation.

This week is full of a lot more lessons, and probably some more exciting stories.  More to come!  Have an excellent week.  I miss y'all lots, and love you so much!!

Sister Brown

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