Wednesday, October 8, 2014

there's no place like home

Well, i made it home! It has been a strange experience, though not as bad as i thought that it would be. Taking off my tag, as little as that may seem, was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. The first day or two I constantly had inclinations to back the car, or it was weird to sleep in a room by myself the first night. I had to re-train myself to not internally smack myself every time a song came on that wasn't a hymn. I quickly got over that. I haven't had to worry about that social awkwardness. If anything, I think my mission helped me with social aspects of my life*. So that's a blessing.
I still want to help the random stranger i walk by to take in their garbage. and I want to walk around the farmers market with my family, and hand cards to every one i see. I still miss having a companion at all times, that understands random missionary humor and quotes that no one else gets here**. I miss a better morning routine, and a better study schedule. I miss pday sports, as much as they stressed me out. i miss having things in the mail.... sometimes. I miss teaching.
But since i've been home, I still love pdays, and getting emails from missionaries i write! I love talking in church, and teaching gospel principles, and helping with seminary and youth conferences (especially when i get to talk about  missionary work!).
My family has been so loving and caring- making sure that we are not listening to music or watching movies that would be too much for me too handle. They make sure the jokes they tell don't have too much potty humor... little things to help me adjust. it's adorable. 

I am so grateful for everything that my mission taught me. I can't sit still anymore... i need to be going. Which makes me antsy a lot, but i guess it helps me be more productive... ideally.
I love the chance that I got to serve my mission and to serve. so that's my goal while i am home, and forever. to continue serving, and putting the needs of others before my own. It just makes life so much more meaningful!

work hard, and have a great week!

*note: I have not been on a date yet, nor have I really interacted with anyone of the opposite gender relatively close to my age. so that's an entirely different story, that i will inform you on. one day.
**though my family does not understand what i am saying half the time, because i have to transition back from 'missionary lingo', they are wonderful companions when i don't want to be alone.

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