Monday, August 19, 2013

Basically, life is grand!

So here's the thing, my life is just about the same. Insane.

We spent a lot of time working with the sister this week. We went on exchanges once, had a leadership meeting and got a lot of good inspiration there, and lots of other good things that keep us busy. Usually we do weekly planning on Thursdays, but we had a lot of appointments and things come up on Thursday, so we did weekly planning on Friday! (and District meeting was cancelled, so that was a bummer, but it finally gave us enough time to plan!) Also, we like to 'plan and tan'. We find a picnic table, or spread out blankets, and take all of our binders and such, and go plan outside. It’s the BEST :)

As I told you, we talked to Dawn on Monday, and she had completely given up her coffee and whatnot. She was struggling a lot, but she was dong alright. We called her on Wednesday, and set up a dinner for Thursday. Things sounded positive, and we weren't worried about her at all. But then, we received a call on Thursday morning, saying that she couldn't do it anymore. She said that she was done, and it was too hard. She went to her Lutheran church yesterday, and that she didn't want us to come and teach her anymore.

That was so hard to hear. Everything was going to go so well, and she knew that it was true, and then decided that things were too hard. That's another thing that I am learning on my mission. Sometimes things are really hard. Sometimes you feel sick, or your companion is lazy (not a problem I've ever had thank heavens), and no matter how you feel or what happens, the work still needs to happen. People still need to be taught, so you go and teach. And it's so hard to see when people know that this gospel is true. When they see that this is the path that they need to take, and then they give up. They don't cling to the truth, and they turn away. It’s so hard to watch.

We are going to go and visit her one more time this week to see how she is doing, and to take her a little gift, but I’m not sure what to expect.

Amber and Phil are doing great!! Amber and the kids came to church yesterday. It was a little long for them the first time, so they only stayed an hour. But next week they are planning on coming again, and I think that the kids will really enjoy primary and such. It was a good experience. We have been teaching them for only a couple weeks, but it feels like I have known them for a way long time, and I have been teaching them for a while. It’s weird to think that it's been such a short time.

We also had a really neat miracle story with them this last week. We went over a couple of times, and on Thursday we had a member with us, and we were going to review the Restoration because the boys had missed it the first time. When we got there, they had invited another friend, Amber (2), to come too. I think she had been staying at their house or something. Anyways, we were chatting, and as we were saying an opening prayer, Amber (2)'s baby (3 months old), started having a seizure. It was so sad. It was hard to watch her suffer when there wasn't really anything that we could do about it. We took the opportunity to teach about the priesthood, and we offered her a blessing of healing for her baby, and one of comfort for her. She accepted, and we called our District Leader, who came over right away. They blessed the baby, and Amber (2), and the spirit was SO powerful. It was incredible. They said that the baby would be healed, based on her mother's faith. She was busy this weekend, but we will try and send missionaries over to her house soon, and maybe she will come to church too.

Amelio and Nichole are doing wonderful! We left them with Moroni 10:3-5 to read. She said that when she read it, she really felt the spirit. It just kind of hit her. She read it to the whole family, and it was exactly what they needed at the time. We are going over on Thursday for a birthday party and another lesson this weekend. They are so neat, because they tell us about how ready they are to learn. They are so excited to learn more and feel the spirit. Such a neat family :)

Golda has had a pretty crazy week too. We taught the restoration on Wednesday, and we will teach again and have dinner with her on this Wednesday. It’s going to be great :) I love her so much!!

Ether 12 was my big study this week. Focus on faith. Miracles happen when we have faith, and we will receive no witness until after the trial of our faith.
"There is no growth in your comfort zone and no comfort in your growth zone".

Anyways, love y'all. You’re the greatest! Work hard this week, and make it a good one!

Sister Brown

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