Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Miracles are happening

Oh heavens, this last week has been simply amazing! Crazy, but incredible. I feel like those two always go hand in hand.
Well, Wednesday of last week, was supposed to be weekly planning because we had meetings all day Thursday... but that definitely didn't happen. We fasted all day in preparation for MLC (Mission Leadership Council), so that was good, but exhausting. We ended up doing STL things and other planning, and not weekly planning. Maybe one of these weeks we will actually get that done at a decent time. That night we attended a baptism, and any other appointments cancelled... so we went with a member and knocked on a lot of empty doors. But that's missionary work for you sometimes!!
Thursday was MLC. We got there a little before 8am. We all had breakfast and broke our fast together, and then had instruction until like, 3 that afternoon. It just consists of learning from president and the AP's, and reporting on our area and those under our stewardship. Strengths we see and weaknesses we are going to work on, and wow. It was such an uplifting meeting. We talked a lot about being a consecrated missionary, and person for the rest of our lives, and how to best lift up those we serve and work with. It was way good :)

Then after we went and visited a few sisters that were struggling. It's hard to see so many missionaries struggle and not know exactly how to help. So you just pray, and speak by the spirit, and hope that something pricks their heart.

Then we had one of the best dinners ever! We ate with the elders, which doesn't usually happen, and we had salad, Tilapia, shrimp, and some of the best steak ever. It was fabulous :) haha
And then that night, we had a lesson with Dawn. (Remember the lady that needed the blessing from the crazy night last Monday?). Well, she wanted to watch a movie with us. But as missionaries, we are a little restricted as to what movies we can watch. SO, we said that we would bring one. (We’re sneaky missionaries!) So, we watched the first half of the hour long version of Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. It was great :) the spirit was strong, but it was simple.
Friday we had a zone training, which was great. (I’m probably going to miss having these meetings every week. I always feel the spirit and learn so much!) Then after we attempted weekly planning again, not to much avail. We had a member with us for the afternoon... and no one was home. surprise surprise. But, we had another lesson with Dawn that night, and it was phenomenal!! :) We finished the movie, and the spirit really was so strong. So we realized that Dawn has met with sister missionaries a few times before, but they were too pushy or something, and she stopped meeting. So she actually knows a lot. We asked her how she felt about the Joseph Smith story, and she said very simply, that it was miraculous, and she believed it. We talked for a while about her relationship with God, and about her son that passed away when he was 3. We talked about how she can be with her son forever.... and we asked if she would get baptized. She said yes! She said that she most definitely would like to, and that all she has to do is 'kick the caffeine'. (she was quite relieved when she found out that she can still have her Dr. Pepper. so really all she has left is the electronic cigarette, and 1/2 a cup of coffee every day). I told her that I felt she could be ready by the end of August, and she said that that was what she had been thinking too! Her year of no smoking is August 29, and so that is the day that she is planning on getting baptized!!! We are so thrilled :) then after that meeting, she said that her mom had been sick, and that we should go and pray with her. So upstairs we went! There, we were able to witness Dawn telling her mom all the good news. Her joy and the sweet embrace that followed is something that I will never forget.
Saturday we had our first exchange. I was in a Spanish area... I understood probably 60% of what was said, but I could say almost nothing. It was one of the funniest days ever! I learned all sorts of cool things!
Sunday was just studies, and church, etc. Then we had a meeting to split our ward. We covered the east half of the ward before, and the elders covered the west half. So thankfully when they did the ward split, they did it about like that. There are a few variations, but we got to keep our same bishop and mostly our same area. And we are now in the Canyon Heights ward, that meets at 1:00. (gross). And the Elders are now in the Los Altos Ward... the smaller ward is going to be such a blessing :) But, we are planning on doubling our size before Bishop gets released ;)
Monday was a lovely P-Day too! All the normal... shopping, lunch, laundry/letters. Then we went to see what the elders were doing at the stake center. Basketball of course. I was warned that all these elders ever did was basketball, and there was no changing that. But, I decided that maybe I could smile all cute and someone would change their mind, right? haha jk  but Sis Leaonhardt and I just shot hoops for a while. Then got a couple elders to play horse with us. Then I got all the elders to play speed. And not just one game, but 5 or so. (I felt very accomplished). And then they even played volleyball with us. It was fantastic!

We ended the night by having FHE with Dawn and a member family. We talked about the BOM, which she is going to read, and we did crafts. I now have a lovely bead necklace :)
Then yesterday was more exchanges. I only got lost like, 6 times. But I think that's improvement, so we'll count it as a plus :) AND, from a member referral, we got 3 new investigators. Amber, her boyfriend Phil, and her 10 year old son Austin. (Then she has 3 more kids). They should be coming to church soon, and we'll be teaching them again on Friday! Plus we have a few more promising referrals we have appointments with this week. It’s gonna be great :)
Overall everything is great!! Crazy, and a little stressing as always, but just splendid :) love y'all so much!
Something that I studied this morning that really hit me.... the talk in the Ensign this month about revelation. Sometimes because we are so busy with things, even when they are really good things, the world can pull us away from God. We need to remember to "be still, and know that I am God". If we are too crazy to ever hear the spirit, we will unintentionally be pulling ourselves farther away. Take a moment each day to 'be still'. To step away from everything, and remember our Lord and savior. Actively participate in your relationship with Him, and constantly strive to make it better and to stay close to him.
Stay strong. Thanks for all you do. Love you!!

Sister Brown

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  1. I just love Kylie! She is such an awesome missionary.