Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 new investigators, 2 exchanges, 1 new family, and 0 breaks...

But a lot of fun.  : )

Something I learned this week. To NEVER go on back to back exchanges ever again.  That was the most stressful time of my life.  (kay, maybe not of my life, but I don't want to do it again.)  I left on Monday night, and I spent Monday night and Tuesday in a singles branch with Sister Rosa.  I'm pretty sure that she and I were meant for each other, and I pray that we will gt to serve together one day.  We had so. much. fun.  And worked super hard too!  We always witness miracles on exchanges, and that's the best ever.  :)  Then, I came home Tuesday night, and immediately had to run to a youth night to teach the youth, and my companion left to another area.  I spent all day Wednesday with Sister Blake, whom I'm also pretty sure we were friends before this life. (In fact, when she and I met a couple transfers ago when she was a brand spankin' new missionary, those were her exact words to me.)  Anyways, that day was a little slow.  I felt sick, we went slow, and got to talk to a few people.  It was such a relief when I finally got my companion back Wednesday evening, and we then rushed to an appointment together.  I would rather be stressed and crazy with my companion.  (I really like to think that I won't be very awkward when I come home.  But then I realize I've developed weird habits of backing every car out of the parking spot.  I'm hearing music I've never heard before.  And when my companion steps away to talk to someone for a minute, even though she's still in sight and sound, I feel like I've lost a limb or something.  As much as I miss alone time...that will be really hard for me to get used to again when I get back.)

Well, we met with Golda on Wednesday.  She made dinner, but we didn't end up really having time for a lesson.  So we'll try again this Wednesday.  They are hopefully going to be moving, so that will be good. : )  They need a new place with more room desperately.

We met with Dawn briefly yesterday...Sis. Leonhardt was able to say goodbye. Things were fine, but we didn't really teach anything.  We'll give her some space and maybe try again for reals in a couple months or so.

Amber got a new job this week doing hospice.  She works crazy hours, so we weren't really able to have a lesson this week.  BUT, the whole family came to church yesterday, and really liked it.  We are seeing them on Tuesday and we're going to teach them a little more, answer questions, and get them more on the road to baptism.  Austin said yesterday that he really want to get baptized.  : )  We're also going over on Thursday for birthday things.  (Phil and I share a birthday.)  So they said that we would throw a party of sorts.  I'm excited.  : )

Emilio and Nichole are doing great!  They missed church yesterday because of a birthday party and such, but we did birthday things over there for Candace.  They are such a fun family.  : )  And we're going back a couple times this week.  They are reading the BOM, and I think they are starting to notice a difference in their lives.

A brother in our ward, Brother Dodds, referred us to another man.  He home teaches them, and the dad is not a member.  His name is Cullen, and he too is ready for baptism.  : )  Problem...there's a lot of drama that has to be worked out.  I won't tell the whole story because it's SUPER involved.  But basically, they are working a bunch of things out so that Cullen can enlist in the army.  When that happens, Theresa and Cullen can get married, and then Cullen can get baptized before he heads to boot camp.  So we have a small window to work with.  But, we asked him to read just a few verses, and he said that he reads anytime that he feels stressed or anything, and he has really liked it a lot. It helps.  And his prayers are getting a lot better.  He and Theresa came to church yesterday and had a good time.  : )

We got a media referral last Monday.  She got online and referred herself.  Her name is Ashley, and her husbands name is Tony.  They have had a lot of really good influences in their lives that have been Mormon.  Just a lot of people setting a really good example.  One thing that Tony said, is that he feels like Mormons are kind of the last civilization.  That we are holding the mantle for everyone else.  They just kept wondering what makes us different.  We're excited to keep teaching them too.  : )

And then finally, last night, we met a guy named Adam.  He is super active in his church, but likes to have us over.  He's headed to Utah next week for some training, so he's going to drop by Temple Square, and he'll probably go to one of our churches out there.  Good man.  : )

Anyways, that was the excitement for this week I think.  We have a lot of good things coming up too!  And it's Sister Leonhardt's last week.  Ever.  I am so distraught about that.

This morning I read a couple conference talks on peace.  The 3 most important things that we need to find that true, deep, inner peace (as compared to a contentment), is 1. Reading the scriptures.  Really feasting on them and studying them and taking them into your heart, and then applying them.  2. Praying.  And nothing rote, but a sincere conversation with your Father in Heaven.  You know how when you were a teenager, and Mom used to say, "call me when you get there!"  She wanted to know you were safe, what you were doing, how you were doing, etc. because she loves you.  It's the same way with God.  He sent us to Earth, and gave us the power of prayer so that we could, "call Him when we got here."  He loves us and wants to hear from us.  3. Take the sacrament weekly.  Go to church every week, and take the sacrament and remember the atoning sacrifice that our Father has given for us.  And with these three things, we will be able to build our lives on a solid foundation and find that true peace in our lives that we all yearn for.

Love ya'll!  Keep on smiling, and working hard!!

Sister Brown

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