Wednesday, January 15, 2014

El Paso

Well, I'm in El Paso now y'all!!  It's a little crazy.  A lot warmer, and a lot more spread out, but good.  : )

My new companion is Sis. P.  She's Tongan, and Samoan, and really cool.  She's chill and we get along pretty good.  She's teaching me Tongan!

I'm learning some Spanish here in Texas.  It's kind of fun being the minority in the ward.  We have a lot of Hispanics.  Most are bi-lingual so we're in a full English ward, and life is pretty good.  They are teaching me words in Spanish, like enchilada, taco, burrito, etc.  : )  haha  They're a lot of fun.

At dinner a couple nights ago the family made us a casserole of sorts, that was grits and green chile. My 2 worlds combined!  It was fabulous!

Anyways, there doesn't seem to be too much in the investigator category here yet.  We're talking to everyone, and working really hard to build up a rapport with the ward, and to find more people to teach.  We have a few good potentials, so things will work out.  : )

Anyways, that's the low down.  It's warmer here, so that's nice.  The people are great, and that's what make it better.

Love y'all!  Keep up all the hard work!  You're great.  : )

Sister Br

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  1. You sure sound great! Keep up the good work! Love from Alabama!
    Carol Cheesman