Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey y'all!
The adventures here in Albuquerque are still just as good as always! Sister C and I are killin it out here! Still have lots to work on, but it's cool to see all the improvement :)

This last Sunday we had an adventure... part way through Sacrament the fire alarm went off!! (and that morning our smoke alarm went off. just because it was expired, but it really wasn't our day). We all jumped and just kind of looked at bishop like, "do we leave? Is the spirit going to protect us, or do we run?" haha so he got up and said we should all evacuate. It was the most organized evacuation I’ve ever seen. We all gathered right outside the building, and sister C and I started singing Christmas hymns, and everyone joined us. It was so cool! (ps- Sister C can sing too! so, we sing all the time together!) Eventually we were all able to go back into church and finish our meeting. It was quite the day. 

For Christmas, it was SO good to see family! We spent the morning at a members house having brunch and Skyping home. Then we visited several members and investigators. It was a way busy, awesome day. Our apartment didn't get cleaned up for days though with the mess we made! haha the memebrs and everyone took SUPER good care of us. We had plenty of gifts to open on Christmas, and more candy and food than we ever knew what to do with. We still have a ton, and we've given away more than we have left. It’s pretty insane really. We’re going shopping today with Christmas money, and everything has just been really great :)

We attended a baptism on Saturday, and had our investigator, D there. It was such a spiritual, wonderful experience. She said that her heart really was touched, and she's not sure when, but she does want to get baptized. 

We spent some time this week as well doing some rescuing of sisters that were struggling. It’s sometimes hard as a leader because you never know best how to help... you feel kind of helpless sometimes, because they are hurting because of their decisions and there's nothing really that you can do to help their immediate situation. But I have grown so grateful for the spirit during those times of need, as well as for the priesthood and it's worthy holders. 

Anyway, remember this wonderful chance that we have to make new goals. Set smart goals, and work hard to achieve them. It is always so worth it to look back and see how far you have come. But there is no growth in comfort, and no comfort in growth. Love y'all!!


Sister Brown

P.S. (email chain between Sister Brown and her Mom)
Sister Brown: "...... and nervous about transfers."
Mom: "Nervous about transfers?  I guess that will always happen, but I thought you'd be used to the idea now."
Sister Brown: "Mom, I seriously want you to picture the idea of moving every six weeks. Or maybe, you might not be moving. And you don't get to pick who you are going to be living with. You could stay the same, or things could change. You might have one weekend to say goodbye to everyone you love and move to who knows where with who knows who... or you could get left alone. And right now, there is your president, and 3 elders planning that decision in an office all week. It makes me nervous every. time. "

We sure love her.

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  1. I miss Sis. Brown! Woke up friday morning around 2:30 am and started bawling about her being torn away from us in canyon heights ward. So not cool! Praying that she comes back again just like sis davidson did. Plus I really want to get a recording of her and sis. C singing their songs.
    Sis. Brown, I am really trying hard to let this change float away like the balloon in your song but it's not working! I love you so so much!