Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sometimes everything in your life gets flipped upside down

Business as usual here in the ABQ. We tried to plan on Monday... but due to visiting sisters and running errands and more meetings... it didn't happen. So that of course threw off our week a little. Tuesday was p-day... so basically, a more stressful day than I would like, but not unbearable. 

Wednesday is when the party really started. Haha. So Tuesday night some sister came over and we started an exchange. I went to their area, and it was a lot of fun. I actually really love being able to go and teach and train, as well as learn a lot from the different sisters in their areas. So I was with this sister in the area, and..... I was in a bike area. We spent the better part of the day inside doing training and planning. But it was when we finally went outside that things got crazy. IT was SUPER cold and SUPER windy this week. (Lots of snow starting Thursday.... and this morning was only 10*). So you can maybe imagine what it's like to bike several miles to houses that you're not sure if they're even going to want you there. It’s freezing, we're in skirts, and we're dying. At one point I realized that I wore the wrong shoes... the gear slipped a little, and my shoe went flying! So I parked the bike and went to save my shoe from traffic. I of course parked my bike in front of the one car that wanted to pull into the driveway. THEN, we were riding, and as the other sister tried to go from gravel to sidewalk.... she crashed. In an attempt to not run into her, I slammed on my break. And then, not being an experienced biker, I only hit the brake for my front tire...... you can see what happened next. I had a small wire fence to one side of me, and like 4 lanes of traffic on the other side. As I unhooked myself from the fence, a car stopped and asked if we were okay. I cut my thumb pretty bad, but that was all I could see. We got right back on and kept riding! haha I later found bruises all over my legs and arms.... but I figure, you can't be a true missionary until you've gotten into at least one bike accident right? Haha

So Wednesday while I was gone, Sister J got a phone call from president. There was a sister down south that went home early, and so she was needed as a companion in El Paso the next day. I got home, and we were up LATE packing. then all day Thursday was MLC (our big leadership meeting), and then running back to pick up Sister J and taking her back to the mission home to catch her ride south. It was SO hard to say goodbye, but she's doing great things down there already :) AND, Sister C and I are tearing it up here in Albuquerque!

Friday and Saturday were more of the same. Meetings, we attended a baptism, had a lot of fun, did a lot of planning. Friday night we went to another stake's Christmas party. It was a nativity display, local artwork, and a performance of Handel’s Messiah. It was fabulous! And then Saturday night we had our ward Christmas party... nativities, and then some readings, and congregational singing. It was great :)

Sunday we contacted a referral for a lady named Jackie. As it seems with many others, her life is crazy tough. sometimes I’m super shocked when people tell me about their lives... it's amazing to me the way that Satan works to destroy families and ruin lives spiritually and physically, emotionally... everything. Anyways, Jackie is really great, and we are seeing her again this weekend. 

The baptism that we had originally planned for this weekend on the 14th got pushed to the 4th. 

Everyone else is moving along just wonderfully. I am SO excited for Christmas and really getting a cool chance to focus on the reason for the season this year. 
Love y'all so darn much!!

Sister Brown

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