Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving week

Hey friends!!
So this last week was super good!  Tuesday, Sister J and I spent the better part of the day finishing transfers, and then cleaning our apartment.  It got a little out of hand ;)  We went to go pick up our new companion, Sister C.  So, Sis. C is 6'1", and fabulous!  She's an absolute doll, and I love having her here.  This is her 4th transfer (so been out about 5 months), and I actually took her contacting on her first day in the field!  Quite honestly, when I found out I was going to be in a trio again, I cried.  I was so upset with Heavenly Father.  I loved both of my last companions, but I didn't love being in a trio.  Well, this week I repented for not trusting Him more.  The 3 of us are best friends.   : )  We teach super well together, and we have a blast!

Sis. J is still having a lot of super bad migraines.  Usually she's a super hero and just works through them.  sometimes we stay inside and let her rest up a little.  Those headaches are pretty brutal.  but when we're in, it's another chance to clean a little, get to know each other better, and study more.  Being a missionary is boss.   :)

So it was kind of a slow week as far as lessons go.  We taught a few lessons, but it's tough with the holidays.  Lots of people out of town and such.  We taught Ashley and Tony, and Saturday Ashley also came to a baptism.  It was awesome.  :)  I think one of may favorite parts ever about being a missionary, is to see people change.  I met Ashley for the first time a few months ago, and since then I can really see a change in her household.  I can feel the spirit there, and see how excited she is to learn and grow.  She has hung a really beautiful picture of Christ in her home, and when i mentioned to her that I noticed and appreciated the change, she got a little teary.  It was the sweetest thing of my life.  : )

Thanksgiving was super fun!  We did some planning and such that morning, and then we spent some time with Amber and Phil.  I made the mashed potatoes, and everything was SO good.  : )  They even were awesome, and accommodated when we asked if we could bring another investigator with us to dinner who didn't have a place.  Phil even went and picked him up, and then we all had dinner.  Oh, it was one of THE funnest times of my life :)  We played games for a little bit after and just had a ton of fun.  Then we dropped by a couple members houses that evening and had pie and chatted.  Good times.  : )

President said no Black Friday shopping (bummer!), so I guess we had to change our Friday plans.  Because of transfers, 50% of our district is new.  I am SO stoked for the new zone.  Oh my heavens, we had so much fun.  They are all easy to talk to and get along with, and basically just awesome.  Friday night we had a tender mercy.  We have learned that Sister J. has a one-on-one connection with God when it comes to food.  Seriously, she'll pray for food, and she always gets it!  Well, we got to this house and Sis. J thought she was going to get sick.  She said a little prayer to have something else for dinner.  The sister went to check the dinner, and after even 2 hours, she said that it still wasn't ready, so we should probably order Church's Chicken.  No way, right?!  I swear my comp has a gift.

We went to a baby shower for a neighbor on Sunday too.  Lots of fun things.  :)

Love y'all!!  Keep working hard, and have a fabulous week!

Sister Brown

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