Monday, November 25, 2013

Last week of the transfer.

Holy moly this transfer has been one of THE longest of my LIFE! It has been such a good one. Full of a lot of laughs and good times. But I guess you can't always have the good without the bad right? One of those that I really loved, and I’m really glad is finally over. 
Transfer News: I'm staying another one! Sister Johnson is staying with me and we will be getting another third companion, and Sister Chatwin is headed out. That is kind of sad... but now I will still be able to say that I have had as many companions as I have had transfers. 7 for 7!

This week was long and good. We found two new people to teach! German- his family has been investigating for a while. Well, rather they investigated some while he was a kid. His dad is lds, and his brother got baptized last weekend. His boss referred us to him, and he is SO prepared. We shared the first vision with him, and when Sister J finished reciting it, he smiled super big through the whole thing, and kind of laughed. Then at the end, he just smiled and said, "how can you sit so still while you say that?!" you could watch him fill with the spirit, and be so excited about the gospel. He's 22, and has the best Mexican accent. Seriously can't wait to keep teaching him!

Then Dennis was our other find. He was another referral. He's an older Gentleman, super cool guy. It's been way cold and windy and snowy here, so when we knocked on his door, he let us right in! He knew who we were, and we taught a first lesson right there! Left him with a BOM, and he said he would get baptized when he knew that things were true :)

The Begay boys are going to get baptized on December 14th! :) PLUS, the whole family showed up to church yesterday. That is a huge step, and we are so super excited :) That family is going through a lot right now, but they are troopers! We dropped in a couple days ago, to say hi. (Like I said, people take pity on sisters in the cold snow and wind). So we talked for a little bit, and then she made us the best hot chocolate, and we helped her kids make cake. Sister J broke a plate into one of the cakes when we were helping with dishes. Good thing sister Begay likes us right? ;)

We had a PPI on Thursday too! It’s supposed to stand for Personal Priesthood Interview. But, while some people did have interview for RS, we had Pizza Pie and Ice cream, and our neighbors came that we invited! It was a blast :)

Amber and Phil, doing awesome! Phil got a job! So we're working around his hours as well now. Hopefully he or amber won't have to work Sundays very often, but we are SO happy that they have work. They really are seeing more blessings from tithing and coming to church. It’s so cool :) We had a really fun dinner with them a few days ago. 

Then also dinner last night? Oh my heavens it was THE best thing of my life. There are these brothers in our ward, Jimmy and Terry. They are probably in their 50's, but slightly handicapped. They go to members in the ward and invite themselves over for dinner, and then they LOVE to sing. BUT, they don't know all the words. So last night we had dinner with the Dodds (one of my favorite families!), and the brothers came over for dinner too. Oh man, we sang hymn after hymn. They love the 'spirit of god'. The lyrics end up going, "the spirit of God, the church is true! The church is true, do what the prophet says....... the spirit of God!" or something along those lines. Oh my heavens I love them. We have it all set up for April 9th to sing the whole book with them in the park. We’re going to take pictures for them to scrapbook. (And, they informed me that April 9th is a Wednesday... they're genius too!) I have not laughed so much at a dinner in my whole existence. Seriously, it was SO much fun. We just teased each other all night :) 

So, not too many lessons this week. We are really enjoying the snow... well, I am at least. Having a lot of fun otherwise. Nervous for transfers tomorrow, but all will be well :) hope y'all are doing great! Keep going strong, and stay warm! Love y'all!

Sister Brown :)

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