Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sick and sick

Well, quite honestly, not much to report this week.  My comps have not been feeling quite 100%, so we've spent a lot of time indoors.  But in a way, it's almost a blessing.  That gives me a lot of time to get some phone calls and texts completed, clean, and to catch up on my Book of Mormon reading.  :)  This week I read Alma 43 through 3 Nephi 10.  All the war chapters.  And you know?   Through all the fighting, there is a lot to learn!  The main thing that I got from those chapters, is to remember to turn to you Heavenly Father.  Seriously.  Those who turn to God, win the war.  They may lose a few battles, but He will always give us the answers we need to ultimately succeed.  Always.  I also learned about the matchless power of God.  He cares so much about us, but there is nothing we can do that will amount to Him.  He wants to bless us, and he can do all, but he expects us to do our part.  To turn to Him, to follow His commandments, and to serve.

We had to push a lot of our dates.  Dante and his brother are now moved to December 14th because they are gong to be out of town and such.  Cameron still doesn't have permission from parents to take lessons.  Amber and Phil are working so hard to be ready.  no new date yet, but they are progressing and doing really well.  :)  Then there are a handful of other people that we are teaching, but it's kind of hit and miss whether or not we teach them weekly.

I need to brag on our ward for just half a sec.  We have THE coolest ward on the planet!!  Every Wednesday we have 2-4 women that volunteer to go out with us.  So while one sister babysits all the kids, the other 3 go out with us on splits.  So we divide and conquer.  three times the work done in the same 2 hours.  it is seriously the bomb.  (These same ladies are the ones that leave church early to help a sister that is sick, even when Satan is attacking other pieces of their lives.  I hope to be as selfless and courageous as these women one day.)  Well, last week we did this split, and Sis. C and I were able to go and visit teach a woman that is really struggling.  We stayed for three hours to keep her company and help her clean her apartment and get shelves and things set up.  Her complex was actually supposed to be gated as well and we made it in without a code.  It was a super big blessing, because then while I stayed there, my companions were able to go and visit a lot of other people, and then teach Dante and his family.  Member missionary work really is where it's at!

Well, that's about it for this week.  Keep working hard!  I love ya'll so much!  Remember who ya are, and remember to be grateful.  We were challenged this week in church to write a list of 100 things that we are grateful for.  I'm going to work on min this week.  :)

Sister Brown : )

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