Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stolen bike racks, mystery dinners, exchanges, and missing tags

Basically it's been a crazy week :)

Tuesday- exchanges. I stayed in the area, and we had an awesome day :) We taught a lesson to Jennifer. It went really well and I came up with a super awesome analogy for the restoration. But she was kind of falling asleep through it. Good times :)

Wednesday was planning day. We went on splits... so just me and a sister from the ward went out. That was kind of an adventure. Feels almost a tiny bit rebellious to go out without your companions haha.

Thursday was MLC all day, and Friday morning was meetings. Friday afternoon I left my comps to tend the area while I went on an exchange. That was a serious adventure. I was in a biking area for the day, and so not prepared for such. I borrowed a bike from another sister, and just about DIED. The area was flat, and on our bike ride to the first house, I didn't think I was going to make it. And I was super confused, because I had been in a bike area a couple weeks previous with a lot of hills, and didn't have this much of a problem. Well, in coming back from the first house, I asked if we could walk our bikes and just talk for a little bit. Well, a man came out and said hi. We started talking, and turns out he own his own bike shop in his house! Thank heavens for tender mercies from the lord! We stopped and chatted, and he noticed that my front wheel was practically falling off of my bike! So he tightened that up, and then also realigned my tires and filled them with air. Then adjust all of our seats. It was SUCH a blessing. The bike ride home was easy peasy :) BUT, on said bike ride home, we were running late for dinner, and it was getting dark. My purse was across my shoulder, and knocked off my name tag. It was a little embarrassing to show up to dinner with no identity. But then dinner was with this super cute grandparent couple. We got there, and she said we were having mystery dinner. (Made my tummy squirm a little. I was nervous). But, there were 5 of us missionaries. 2 Elders and 3 Sisters. We were assigned numbers, and then the couple dressed up as western ranchers. We had to order what we wanted for each of our 4 courses for dinner, but we didn't know what it was we were ordering. We could order things like 'fence posts' or a 'tumbling tumble weed', or an 'okie-dokie dress'. But we didn't know what anything was! It was a total gamble if you were even going to get silverware! we laughed so much, and had a TON of fun :) I got silverware the first course, and was lucky enough to get my dressing and salad in the same course, but I got dessert half way through, and didn't get a drink till the last course. It was a blast :)

Then Saturday I was gone all day again on an exchange. Lots of little miracles in that area. It's pretty neat when the spirit brings to your mind a personal study you had 4 months previous, and the man you're teaching prays for the first time with the missionaries. Good things happening :)

Sunday.... lots of meetings. Sister Chatwin and I sang a musical number in church. A different rendition of the 13th article of faith. It was really pretty. But half way through, sister S sneezed! We just kept going like nothing happened, but it took all my will power to not laugh!!
Then that night we took the sisters to their DL to get a blessing, and then we were going to go to the ZL's to drop off the bike rack we had been borrowing. When we got out from the blessing, the bike rack that had been attached to the trunk of our car was hanging off, only half way attached! We were not in the safest place of town, so we were kind of freaking. Sister S told me to quickly get in the car and start it while she put the bike rack away and we could leave. As I’m starting the car, she yells... "You! Behind the car! Go away!" and screams! Terrified, thinking my comps are getting kidnapped, I jump out of the car and run to the rescue, only to see our ZL's laughing and coming out from behind a different car!! I was almost mad, but I was laughing to hard. It was so funny, and we needed a good release :) *missionaries behind the scenes*

They switched our schedule too. So instead of pdays on Monday, and planning on Thursday. We planned on Monday, and have pdays on Tuesday. It’s really weird right now, but I think it will help throughout the end of the week. 

We are teaching a few more families now :) it's fantastic! If all goes well... we have a couple people that should be getting baptized the Saturday before thanksgiving. And then transfers are that Tuesday, the 25th! Crazy how time flies!

Keep working hard y'all! Love you so much, and pray for you always. Keep looking for tender mercies and the hand of the Lord in your lives daily. 

Sister Brown

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