Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hump Month

Well, I hit 8 months in a few days.  The mission has gone by SUPER fast until about this last month, and now it's dragging.  but, we concluded that it's because I'm almost half way.  So I just gotta make it to month 9, and then it's all downhill from there right?

Besides things being slow, the work is going well, lots of blessings this week.

Last Sunday, we had a couple of YW bring a friend to us, Cameron, and say he wanted to take the missionary discussions!  We taught him for the first time on Saturday, and it went super well!  With him, we have 2 people on date for November 23.  Right before the next transfer.  It's going to be the bomb!

This work really is so cool, and so much fun.  :)  I am SO grateful to be out here, working on baptizing the world :)  The work really is hastening.

Funny story, we were sitting in a park at a table having a meeting with a couple of zone leaders.  Anyways, we were just talking.  Pretty soon, from behind us, this guy yells, "Y'all look really weird sitting there just so ya know..."  It was SO funny.  Then Sister J goes, "Weirder than some tough guy walking two chihuahua's."  It was SO funny!!  I loved it!  Reminded me how much we really do stand out.  And for some reason, people don't mind telling missionaries how it is  I might actually miss that when I come home.  haha

Halloween was good.  We were told that we didn't need to come in early or anything.  BUT, we had planning to do, and we live in a sketch part of town.  So we went to dinner and had a mini party, and then came back to plan.  It was fun. : )

Something that I'm working on, is likening the scriptures unto me.  This weeks supplication, was Alma 38.  When you read, just plug in your name, the places you are or will go.  It's so cool to watch the scriptures come more to life when you really apply them.

Hope all is well back home!  Keep workin hard.  Love y'all SO much!!

Sister Brown

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