Monday, October 28, 2013

And it Begins....

Well, we started exchanges this last week. It’s kind of nice being in a trio, because then you have two people in the area, and so you don't have to worry about missing too much. That’s a blessing.

We have found a few more families to teach this week! It’s amazing the people that are coming through! Really.... it's pretty incredible. We feel so blessed!! And this last week, we taught a ton! It feels so good to be out a lot more :) we had 9 lessons with members with us, 5 without, and 2 more with less actives. It’s so nice to be working, and staying pretty busy. 

Halloween is around the corner... and we are asked to go out. So, we will probably be attending a party for an investigator or the apartment complex or something :)

We have been teaching Max and Sandra SUPER slow because they have a really hard time remembering just about anything that we teach them... but this week they actually remembered most of what we taught them! We use a lot of pictures and object lessons, but we're so glad that everything is FINALLY falling together. They have the marriage license, but no date to get married yet. Anyways... hopefully they will get married next week, due to Audrianna's birthday this week :)

I gained a testimony this week of planning, and timing. We plan each night what we are going to do the next day, and write it all out in our planner. I had it explained to me once, that we are kind of telling God where we are going to be. So, if we tell God that we are going to be at a certain place at 3:00, we should be there, and not mix things up during the day unless prompted to do otherwise. So one day, we went to go see a few people. The main people weren't there, so we went to backups. After the backups, we had a little time, and sister j felt like we needed to go and visit another person in the area. They weren't home either.... so we went to the person we were supposed to visit at that time, Jennifer (another investigator). Anyways, we chatted with her for about 5 mins, set an appointment, and then turned around to go somewhere else. We heard from behind us, "are you the Mormon girls?!" Confused, we turned around. There was a lady we didn't know, but had apparently met with sisters earlier that year. SO, we went to talk with her, and asked if we could help with anything. She was helping another neighbor with a yard sale, so we offered to help. The timing was PERFECT for us to go and help them move things and set up. God's timing should be ours, because his is perfect. 

Another cool story... a member was driving one night and was going to grab some dinner, and in her rearview mirror saw a family on the road struggling. She felt prompted to go say hi, so she offered to help them. They were in a really rough spot, so she helped them buy dinner and find a place for the night. Well, she offered for him to learn about the church to help his life. He met with the bishop on Tuesday, and we met with him a couple times. He has a lot of WOW (Word of Wisdom Doctrine and Covenants Section 89) problems, his wife too. so hopefully we can help them turn their lives’ around :) the best part is seeing the hope come into their eyes as they realize what Christ can do for them, and they start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want so badly to help this family stay together and really change. Another cool thing is that the Bishop actually saw this particular family a few days prior, and had the impression that he would meet them one day. So cool :)

Another adventure: we met a cool black family this week. They’re 'crazy southern Baptists’ as they say. SO fun to talk with, and remind me of home :) haha

Anyways, things are awesome here. Just working hard, and hoping to find lots of souls to bring to Christ. If we look, there are SO many miracles around us all the time. Just look :)

Love y'all so much!

Sister Brown

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