Friday, October 11, 2013

So I got to go to the temple...

And now I don't have any time to talk to anyone  So Anyways, this really will be short and sweet.
This week was fabulous.  SO busy.  Sometimes I feel like it's hard to find time to even do missionary work, because we're doing so many other things.  We had exchanges from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday.  Our last for the transfer!  Finally!  I stayed in the area with Sister Rosa...and we ended up spending the majority of the day in the ER with a member that really needed someone with her last minute.  It was the craziest, and most blessed day of my life.  We ended up with LDS doctors, and everything I think is getting better.
We had MLC on Thursday (one of the BEST meetings I have ever attended.  It's just the leadership of the mission, and I really love it.  : )  And then we had zone training of Friday, and conference on Saturday and Sunday.  Monday we went to the Temple as missionaries, and it was the best day of my life.  The session was so spiritual, and we spent 2 hours that afternoon helping to clean the temple.  Then our group of 8 missionaries that helped clean went to chick-fil-a.  I could not have been a happier Sister Missionary.  : )

And a midst all of that adventure, we did teach a few lessons.  : )  Though our WML has been out of town for what feel like forever, so that's been crazy.

And transfers are next week.  I'm pretty sure I'm staying put.  I'm praying so at least.  But, I guess ya never know.

Anyways, love y'all a ton!  Have an awesome week!

Sister Brown

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