Monday, September 30, 2013

Well, it's the last day of September.

Do you know what that means? That means I have less than a year until I come home.

So there is a man in our ward that wanted to work on his home teaching list. He tried a couple of years ago, and all 4 families were inactive, and didn't want visits. But, said that they would be willing to accept a message in the mail. So, that's what he did. Well, our ward is doing a big focus on filling the empty chairs, and finding the one. So, this brother talked to us, and gave us the names of these individuals. one of which I had visited once, and knew that she had come to church a couple times, and wanted to become active! He was so surprised and excited! So we scheduled an appointment with her, and brought him with. It was perfect. When he introduced himself, the first thing she said was, "no way! It’s a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for those messages every month!" it was awesome :)
Quote from that night:

Sister Chatwin: So Corhior is what they call an anti-Christ
Woman: that's what I call Wal-Mart!

It was so funny! I love old ladies :)

This week has been really wonderful, as I hope yours has been. We did a lot of running around to help sisters. I actually finished weekly planning in one day, for the first time in probably, 2 months or so. Since I became an STL... that has been nearly an impossible feat. We are working on putting together a couple of white boards to keep our apartment and area more organized. It’s taken a lot of time, but i'm excited :)

On Wednesday I left the area to go on exchanges, and that was a blast :) we spent the morning at the beehive house- an old folk home. And it was so much fun! Wechatted with the cook, then sang and gave a short lesson to the 4 bodies there, only 2 of which could hear and respond. One of those two just wanted to sing us the song about black birds being bake din a pie. It was a blast :)

All the investigators are doing great. Again..... We are planning on seeing Emilio and his family tonight, and Cullen and his family tomorrow night. Fingers crossed. We really want to help them progress! This week kind of slowed down as far as people progressing... but I think this week we are going to try and step it up a notch. Or something..... We just have all of these people that are planning on getting baptized, but aren't progressing fully, because they are not reading, or didn't make it to church, or something. So, we're going to fix that this week I hope :)

Another adventure: Thursday night we were supposed to have dinner with a lady in our ward. Another old lady. (That always means adventure!) haha anyways, we heard stories from sister that had been there before, that this dinner was not generally a super positive experience. (House is just generally gross because of animals and things like that), and so eating the food wasn't the greatest experience because of the atmosphere. Admittedly it didn't smell that great. BUT, expecting the worst, we went. And we were surprised to have a lovely meal! Spaghetti, salad, breadsticks, pie... and all was edible and delicious actually. AND, she makes jewelry, and let us bring home a piece :) I was so excited! I ended up picking a beautiful little ring, that has a small green stone, and a small reddish stone (I think it's a garnet?). Anyways, I picked it because it's my NM chili ring. red or green? ;)

Friday after District Meeting, we always go to lunch. Well, we picked Panda Express. When we got there, there happened to be a member of the church there (I’m still not sure if any of the missionaries knew him) but he waited, and bought lunch for all of us. The total came to about $80. I can't tell you how amazed and grateful we all were for him to do that for us. It was great :)

Saturday we planned all day. And I rested. It was lovely :) then we went to the Relief Society Broadcast. There was a dinner before, and then the broadcast was wonderful. We had a new investigator there, and it was so cool to see her make friends, and ask questions, and really feel the spirit.  Then after the broadcast, we had to run over to another building for another missionary fireside. And that was super wonderful :) we got to hear from elder Richards, who helped put together PMG. And I got to see a lot of my old missionary friends. That was the greatest! The friends you make on your mission seriously become some of the closest people in your life.

And this Saturday, we get to help clean the temple. And Next Monday we get to finally go to the temple, AND it's conference weekend!
I’m so excited.

One day in my studies this week, I was reading in Alma 5:60-

"And now I say unto you that the good shepherd doth call after you; and if you will hearken unto his voice he will bring you into his fold, and ye are his sheep; and he commandeth you that ye suffer no ravenous wolf to enter among you, that ye may not be destroyed."

Anyways, I just thought it was interesting that he used the word suffer. Like, it's a choice that we let in that wolf or not. We need to watch our flock (yourself, your family, church, etc.) and never let a weak point come so that the ravenous wolf (Satan, or sin) can come in. He is ready and waiting, circling relentlessly. We can never let down our guard, and suffer for the wolves to enter in. We must grasp and hold tightly to the iron rod; not just walk next to it. And then remember that we always have a shepherd to turn to. Our Savior is always there to comfort and guide us. Don't be afraid to turn to your shepherd for help. Live so you will know his voice, and always follow Him.

Well, I hope y'all have an excellent week!! Work hard, and find reasons to smile! Love you!


Sister Brown

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