Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stress is...good?

So, this week has been pretty good.  A lot of really good things have happened, and a lot of moments where I want to pull all my hair out.  But I'm learning that that's normal.  : )

Amber and Phil are doing great.  They have both met with the Bishop, and are making a plan to progress towards baptism.  We were able to set a date for the whole family for baptism!  Because they need to get married and a few other things, the date is November 16th.  Lessons have been going so great, and we are SO excited to help them.  The boys are going to scouts this week, so we're excited for that too.  : )  And another fun thing?  They all walked into sacrament meeting yesterday, a little late, and all the girls had new dresses and the boys were in white shirts.  I had told them that the shirts didn't have to be white, so they've been wearing really nice light blue ones...but they wanted to fit in a little more and be more respectful, so they got white ones.  It made me smile.  : )

Max and Sandra...I don't rember if I've told y'all about them.  funny little couple.  They have been taking lessons for like, 2 years.  They just moved into our ward so we're teaching them now.  They are a little older, but have an 8 year old daughter.  They will be getting married at the beginning of next month, and hopefully baptized on Oct 26th!  Also funny...when they walked into church yesterday, a little late, Sandra was holding their little dog.  Not sure that I have ever seen a dog in the chapel before!  : )

Cullen...we're still working with.  We're really hoping that we can set a date for baptism here soon.  We just found out that Theresa (his fiance) is pregnant!  Which is super exciting, but may cause some complications as far as them  progressing towards marriage and I said.  Mostly I can just tell you that it's really complicated, but with the Lord, it will work out.  : )

Emilio and Nichole and Candace are on date as well.!  (Cain didn't quite want to commit because he doesn't like water...we'll figure that one out soon.)  But they will be getting baptized on October 26th as well!  Emilio really wants to be able to be sealed to Nichole.  It's really sweet, so we're excited to help that along.

Basically, we should be having a lot of wedding and baptisms soon!  :D

Dolly is doing really well too.  She is progressing, slowly.  Like, we can tell she really wants this, but we have to teach her really simply because she doesn't really retain everything immediately.  But she is so sweet.  : )

We met with a lady named Christina...super cool.  She is a member referral and we are going back next week to teach the plan of salvation.  Can't wait. : )  But, her kids are super crazy.  So, sister Chatwin entertains while me and the member teach.  It's great.  haha!

So one of my goals this transfer is to finish the BOM in the transfer.  (remember how I had 6 weeks to read it before my mission and failed?  Well, I'm going to try again to redeem myself.)  I finished it once already, and it was SO good.  So, I'm reading it a little faster now, and it's just as good.  I'm learning so many new things every time.  I was thinking a lot about the story when Nephi and his brothers are going back to get the brass plates.  Nephi knows that they are being asked of the Lord, but he also learns that that doesn't mean that ti's going to happen on the first try.  The Lord's hand is leading but Nephi has to come up with several solutions on hi own and fails twice before anything actually works.  The Lord asked him to complete a task, but didn't give him all the answers right away.  How else is he supposed to learn and grow right?  So, same thing with us in this life.  We may be asked to do something.  And even if we are obedient, and go right away, doesn't mean that we are going to succeed the first time.  Sometimes we have to try different ways, and try different solutions before we know what we are to learn, and then go forward.

I hope that y'all are finding happy things in every day and loving life.  God is good, and I am so grateful to be able to see His hand in my daily life.

Love ya'll so much!!

Sister Brown

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