Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's raining again

Well, this week was fabulous! It rained. A lot. Apparently it's because the state fair is here, and it always rains when the fair comes. Or at least that's the word on the street.

Amber and Phil and family- we didn't get to meet with them this week. Amber is working crazy hours still... so it's tough to ever get over there. And they were sick this weekend so they weren't at church... BUT other than that they are well, and we're still preparing for baptism this November :)

Emilio and Nichole... work is also busy, so we haven't seen them in like 2 weeks. Bummer deal.

Max and Sandra came to church again this week! (This time without their dog). They stayed for all 3 hours and seemed to like it a lot. They also had an interview with bishop about what to do to get ready for marriage and baptism in a few weeks :) so things are progressing.

Christina... SUPER AWESOME!! We went and taught the restoration, and things went super well. When I say her kids are crazy, I mean, literally climbing walls and hanging from ceilings, and running and screaming. Out. Of. Control. But we taught the restoration using a cup object lesson. They got to help, and it went pretty well. But the little one was still screaming the whole time. Well, when we got to telling the story of the first vision, suddenly the room was silent. For the entire story the room was quiet. The spirit filled the room, and it was incredible. At the end of the lesson, we all talked about how we loved being there, and how they loved having us there. They’re going to get baptized on Oct. 13 :)

Dolly is doing great! Again, progressing slowly. Some things just go way over her head and what she is used to. So she's not on date yet, but I know she will get baptized one day :) I love teaching her. She is so genuine and just way cool.
We didn't teach really very many lessons this week. A lot of people were sick/busy. But I think this next week will be great!!

I had a few adventures this week though!

1. So this was actually last week and I forgot. But we had a member out with us, and we were going to go visit a family, but they cancelled last minute. So we still went out with the member, and asked if she had anyone she wanted/needed to visit. We went to a lady's house that had been on her mind. When Wanda opened the door, she practically fell into sister Dodd’s arms. We walked her back to the couch, and after 30 mins or so of trying to find a pulse and keep her conscious, we called 911. Then after they got there and evaluated things, they were bringing her out to the gurney and her face was drooping. I had just watched someone have a stroke!! It was a miracle that we were even there to help. It was amazing
(ps- she's okay now)

2. A couple nights ago, it had been storming, and we were stressed, and so it took us a while to fall asleep anyways. We were both kind of restless. Then, at about 4:10 in the morning, we could hear alarms going off. Sure enough, the fire alarm for our building was going off!! We didn't smell smoke, so we grabbed shoes and sweatshirts, and I grabbed the phone and my BOM, and we walked outside. What was most alarming... was that no one else was leaving the building. But either way, we stayed outside. We walked off a little ways, and sat in the Laundromat for a bit... soon the fire department showed up. They inspected things, and then eventually came over to us and asked if we had a phone. I called the office emergency line and left a message saying that there wasn't a fire, but the firemen were there and the alarms wouldn't stop. So we got clearance from the firemen (that were much too happy for 4am) to go back to bed and try to sleep, and sorry that they couldn't turn off the alarm. We were so tired on Sunday let me tell you.

But I think my favorite parts of the week were the little things. Visiting all the sisters. Watching max and Sandra try not to fall asleep during the opening hymn. Coloring on white boards. Lots of rain.

Oh and last night we were the speakers for a single adult fireside 30+. (I never knew how much I LOVE public speaking! ...what?) Anyways, we taught about the joy in service and missionary work. It went really well :)

And I had SO many insights in my studies this week! I think my favorite was when I was studying Jacob this morning. In chapter 4:14, it's talking about how the people look over the simpleness of the word they have already been given, and desire more. Well, God tells them, "That’s not a very good idea". But they think they know best and ask for things that are more complicated. I think we do this a lot. We think we know best for our situation, and ask God for specific things, not just for what's best. And eventually God will say, "Fine. Let's see how you think things should be done." And usually, we fall on our faces, and then have to go back and say, "God, you were right." that's if we learned our lesson that is. Sometimes it becomes a vicious cycle.

Doesn't God have some awesome parenting skills? No wonder he is our Heavenly Father.

Have a fantastic week!!! Love y'all so much!!!

Sister Brown

PS- if you have a favorite conference talk, I am in need of talks to study! Just give the link or the name. Thanks!

******* If you post your favorite conference talk in the comments I will get that to her. ********

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  1. This isn't a conference talk, but it's the talk that Jerry used for FHE last night. It's in this month's Ensign. "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. Jerry just used the first part of the article for our girls,just going to the part explaining piano lessons. I thought that analogy was wonderful.