Monday, October 14, 2013

missionary work at it's finest

Isn’t it funny how time works? The temple was only a week ago... and it feels like an eternity away. But then at the same time, I’m amazed at how fast time flies.

TRANSFERS: I’m not moving!! Staying right here in Zion, or as some like to call it, the Canyon Heights Ward. (Seriously, my first day the bishop welcomed me to Zion haha) anyways, Sister Chatwin and I are both staying, and we got a third companion! Sister Johnson that we came out with is our new third companion :) it's going to be super crazy, but an absolute adventure. You know... nothing new :)

Anyways, this week has been more of the same. Teaching who we can... doing our best to improve. Busy busy busy. Sisters, members, investigators, companion being sick, mission stress, etc. Just another week in the life of Sister Brown I guess. We spent some time at the hospital for sister Chatwin to get blood work done... We thought she might have a thyroid problem, but that's a negative. Not sure what's making her so tired all the time. And she's getting over a cold.

If you could send out some extra prayers for Amber and Phil and their family it would be appreciated. I won't go into detail, but I know that they could use it. Thanks y'all :)

Lots of planning this week... when we have time. It’s been a while since we have found new people, but overall the lessons we are teaching are going well. We’ll be going to a wedding for a RC this weekend. And if everything goes well we will be attending a wedding for max and Sandra too! That will be super fun :)

Cool story: we got a letter saying that our car needed to go in for a check on a recall. So we made an appointment, and dropped it off Wednesday morning. We ran into the guy that contracts to sell the cars to the mission, so we got to help drive I brand new Chevy Cruise. That was fun :) AND, last week was balloon fiesta. So. Cool. I’m totally going to come back one day and go to the field. BUT, it's way awesome to watch all the balloons in the sky. Anyways, we came back, and our car still wasn't ready. So, we hung out at burger king to study. While there, we talked to people, naturally. We talked to one crazy lady. Super fun, and ended up being in our area, so we'll hopefully see her again soon! Then later, I waited while sister Chatwin went to the bathroom. A man who had been sitting there approached me, and talked to me about Romney, and Mormon's, and his experience when he went to Utah to take a picture of the eclipse and ended up staying at a lds home. HE was really impressed...we ended up getting his information, and sent missionaries over, and left him with a card. God truly leads those that are prepared :)

Another story.... our apartment is kind of getting infested with cockroaches. It’s super gross. Hopefully they're going to spray today. Again. But a few nights ago, we came home, and I screamed cause I found like, 3-4 BIG ones, and a handful of little ones all over our kitchen. So. Nasty. We’re bleaching everything, and we spent a couple hours cleaning everything out and vacuuming up all the dead bugs. *shudder*. It’s an adventure for sure!

Love y'all so much. Hope that your week is fantastic :)


Sister Brown

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