Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Long week, and good times

SO, I'm in a trio now.  We call ourselves the tremendous trio, or the powerhouse trio.  We get work done!  haha.  I was super nervous actually, be we are having a blast!  Probably too much fun, to be honest.  :)  But really, we are all so stoked about being missionaries, we work hard.  Since having Sister J. with us, we have found new people, like, almost doubled our lessons per week, and all sorts of things.  It's basically the best!!

Little about Sister J...she's crazy.  In a good way.  She can eat just about any peper and not even flinch.  She finally gets a little caught up at the habanero, but no big deal, right?  Heavens.  We laugh a lot, and have to work extra hard to stay on task, but I love her to death.

We've gone out to eat like...3 times this week.  there goes my diet!  (jk...it's practically impossible to diet as a missionary.  But still..)

As per usual, planning doesn't get done on Thursdays like it's supposed to.  We just end up doing a lot of bonding and sharing feelings and talking, and eventually getting around to talking about our investigators.  But seriously, good things are happening anyways.  Our district is super awesome, and we're all way good friends.

All the investigators are doing pretty great.  :)  We went to a wedding on Saturday for a RC.  That was a blast!  (And, may have made me a bit trunky...).  Anyways, Max and Sandra FINALLY were able to get a marriage license.  So, we're waiting for them to set a time when their family is in town, and then we will get them married, and baptized soon!! AHH!!!

(Sorry my mind is going at 90 miles an hour.  did I tell you that Christi got baptized?!  SO EXCITED!!)  (love your Christi  :)

Amber and Phil and gang are doing great.  And our other families for the most part.  We still can't find a couple...lol but things are good.  The 3 of us teach like a boss.  : )

We had the Ward Halloween party on Friday, and that was an absolute blast.  : )  Chili cook off, games, and super fun things like that.  We dressed up as candy corn.  : )  Cute right? haha.  We had a few investigators there too.  SUCH a blast.  The thing about a New Mexican Chili cook off...there is Green Chile involved.  So it's HOT, and so good.  But, I made a fool of myself eating a doughnut off a string, and gathered candy.  and I was proud of all the adults that actually dressed up!

Kylie and her companions dressed up as a Candy Corn....Get it?

Miracles for this week!  We were out with a member, and she mentioned about some other member friends that had become really good friends with a lady, Laura.  So...even though this might have been a little creepy, we just went over and introduced ourselves.  She is SO sweet, and is married with 2 kids.  Her member friends always joke that they're going to "dunk her" and get her baptized.  But she talked to us, and said that she kind of wants to learn about it, and asked us for information so we can have lunch and talk.  SO COOL.

Bishop called and said that a lady had called looking for some financial assistance, and info about the church.  She is one of the coolest black ladies I have ever met.  She already has a darn awesome testimony, and an open mind.  I think I learned more from her in our first visit than we taught her haha.  (She refers to the Holy Ghost ans her "gentleman."  I love it.  :)

THEN, we have a cute young couple that lives in our complex.  We had become friends, and they were kind of investigators, but we didn't teach them a whole lot.  We tried to go back once, and they weren't home.  Well, we were out with a member, and even though we had another list of people we could see, their name came to my heart and mind.  I just thought that we needed to go and see Samantha and Jeremy.   So we did.  Well, we got there, and no answer.  Bummer.  BUT, as we knocked a second time and were just waiting, up come Samantha up the steps to the apt!  She said that they had moved, but there was  alight on in her apartment, but she knew that she hadn't left any on, so she randomly just came to check if someone had broken in.  No one had, but that light being on meant that we ran into her at JUST the perfect time.  She took us to the new apartment, and we were able to meet her other roommate, Kate.  We laugh, and talked, and taught a short lesson, and we are going back tonight.  In Sister Chatwin's words, "If that was any more perfect timing, we would have met her in the font!"  hahaha

God works in mysterious ways my friends.  : )

Love y'all!  I hope you have a fantastic week!!  Work hard, and know that God is near when you reach for Him.  : )

Sister Brown

ps-random story...There was a kid at dinner that was telling a story about his brother.  He goes, "You know my dad's son?  Well he...."  and finished the story.  It was SO funny.  He looks a little like and reminds me a LOT of Ethan.  He kicked my butt in a game of Sorry.  Cute kiddo.  : )

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