Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sister White?

Hello from El Paso!

Week 2 down. I'm amazed at how fast time still seems to be going. Things are good here. Kind of slow going it feels, but we're working to find new peoples to teach, and really get going. We're excited!! We found a couple of people. One girl, S, is a friend of our WML. (He just got back from his mission a few months ago. It's awesome to have him so fresh and fired up about the work). Anyways, S is super awesome! She is very smart and takes everything in. It is way cool to watch her just learn and enjoy :)

Being in El Paso, most people are not white. So, I don't know that I stick out like a sore thumb, but I definitely don't blend in. So there have been a few times, where I introduce myself and the conversation goes a little like this:
Me: “Hey! How are you?! I'm Sister Brown!"
Them: "Sister Brown? But you're White!"

So, I guess I can be Sister White. Or White-Brown (there's another sister brown (well, 2 of them) but one of them has brown skin. so we're white-brown and brown-brown. haha :)

We went to get ready to sing at a baptism on Saturday... only to find that the elders had left the font running and it over flowed!! So luckily we had just come from service and were in our jeans, and we got to spend the next 2 hours cleaning up all the water :) silly elders. 

We're working hard to find new people, and to get the ward more involved. At least the weather is nice right? :)

Love y'all! Read Moroni 7. It’s basically the BEST :)

Sister Brown

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