Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 6. again

It's been a good week! We did a lot of LA work this week. It has been SO nice to really get to know the members of this ward! This last Sunday they surprised us! We were asked to come into primary for the last 15 mins or so. We asked if we needed to plan a lesson or anything, and they said no that we just needed to come in and stand. I assumed that they were going to talk about missionary work and needed us as examples for an object lesson or something. But when we got there, they gave us a valentine’s gift! It was a BIG basket full of donations from the ward. lotions, soaps, tissues, candies, cookies, socks, more candy... and then a big chocolate cake and cute valentine’s day cards from all the primary kids. It was SO cute. I loved it :)

We’re planning the luau for this weekend. The boys are dong the haka, and the women are doing a few other dances. I’ll be in 2 of them. It’s a lot of fun :) we're excited to have a super fun party!

If you can, read Moroni 7. it is one of my new favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon ever :) I’m starting to read the Book of Mormon backwards (thanks for the idea amber!) to try and get a different perspective and understand each verse a little better. It’s pretty cool :)

Love y'all!


Sister Brown

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