Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One Year!

This last week we were referred to a man. (He is fellowshipped by a member in our area, and that is where we teach him. The member asked us specifically to teach this man. He is so prepared. He has had a Book of Mormon for a long time, but hasn't ever really read it. We didn't know how to begin teaching, and taught the first 2 points of lesson one. When we were done we sang a hymn, and the spirit was so strong the whole time. As we were getting ready to leave, he said, "I even feel like reading!" Because of everything going on and scheduling conflicts, we haven't been able to meet with him again. But he has read the chapter we left 5 times already, and is starting from the beginning to read. He has had several strong, spiritual experiences with this member as well. We have set a goal to have a baptism by the end of the transfer, and I truly believe that the Lord is placing people in our path because He does see an effort and desire on our part. I am excited to start yet another chapter of my life and mission. 

We had 3 investigators come to stake conference this last weekend! We had texted T to invite her to come, and let her know that we were going to one on Saturday night that she was welcome to come to as well. Well, she had just gotten off work, and was hungry, (and we were using church lingo that we didn't explain), and she thought we were having a STEAK dinner. haha I wish ;)

Time is flying by so incredibly fast!! I will be at exactly one year in 2 days. March 6th. I feel like now that I’m at this point, I keep getting flashbacks of everything a year ago. I miss being in the MTC, and I miss ABQ and being a new greenie missionary. It's funny because you get to where you feel weird about the time left. Not because you're scared about going home, but because you feel an urgency about doing everything you can to share the gospel in your time left. There is an Elder I serve with that goes home when I do.... we both might be freaking out a little bit. But, I think we're going to have a little 'birthday party' for me haha. 

A chapter I have really loved reading in the Book of Mormon is Alma 38. For those on missions, it's a very good missionary chapter, but I think that it can really apply to anyone, where ever you are. Just plug in your name and your circumstance :)
Also, Moroni 7 is a good one :)

Love you all! Thanks so much for all your hard work and support :)

Sister Brown

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