Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mid-transfer Transfer

*Note from Sis. Brown's mom--Sis. Brown's comp at the time had to leave 3 weeks early due to personal issues…)

Sister P. got off okay. We took her to the airport yesterday morning. (I miss her alot) Anyways, at the same time we picked up my new companion! Sister M.   :) She is so cute! She is from alaska, and spent a few extra weeks in the MTC because of some health things... so now I get to train! you know... God keeps giving me everything that I tell him I don't want. Just a few weeks ago I let him know that I would like to train again one day, but that I didn't want to do it in this area. Aye Caramba. But, she is super willing to work and be obedient, and still have fun. She actually reminds me a lot of Sister S., that I trained. And in someways she reminds me a lot of myself... things are good :) It's a lot of work to train, but I'm super excited :) She was so funny too... she knew Lyndy Bond in the MTC. Cool right? And then she was like.. I hope this isn't too creepy, but I read your blog before I came out! So she said that she found my blog, and would wait for it to get updated every Tuesday! crazy right? so fun :)  i loved it. i was like "What? You were reading my blog? So funny! And not creepy!" It's kind of awesome :)

Sister Brown

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