Monday, March 31, 2014

Still having fun...and transfer week. The real one

Hello again,
I am doing awesome :) Sister M and I have SO much fun, and I am so grateful to be working hard. I mean, there is a lot of room to improve... we set a lot of goals each week to do better. But we laugh a lot, and we get a long super well. And our DL (district leader) has told us several times that the lessons that we are teaching is the most the area has seen in a LONG time. I see a lot more potential though too, so we're hoping to get work done. Me and Sister M. are both staying. But Elders S. and P. are both leaving. That is a really sad day :/ but it'll still be good. We're having a good last pday for them :)

We have found a few people this last week. One of them is black man. His name is Chris. We assigned him to read 3 Nephi 11, and he said that he was really excited to read and to some research. We came back less than 24 hours later, and he had read through chapter 27. Such a cool guy. And, he's black. Which makes me really happy :) haha
Also we met a neighbor named Mary. She's 93, and SO cute. We borrowed her little hand mixer so Sister M. could make cupcakes. It's a little hand mixer like gma has, so it reminds me of her. And it gives my arm a serious workout :)

I can't think of any more adventures right now. so i hope that suffices for now :)

Love ya'll!

Sister Brown

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