Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I figure I'm in Texas now, so I could probably start talking like a true Texan.  ;)

It's been a pretty good week.  It's been a really long week for some reason.  Maybe because it's the beginning of the transfer...I dunno.  It was also a weird week for lessons.  We didn't teach as many as we would have liked, and they weren't all that great either.  But we set some goals, and wrote some good plans to get everything done this next week and make it super boss.  :)

We taught Rocco once (first time in the last 3 weeks) and did a turnover lesson so the Elders could teach him, because it was getting really awkward with us there.  So that seemed good.  We also had to give a man named Eddie to the Elders because he actually lives in their area.  I'm super sad about that, because he is AWESOME.  So cool to teach and so prepared for the gospel.  The Elders are some lucky bums.

We're trying to do more walking lately.  It's getting warm though.  Well, I guess lately it's been really nice.  We're hanging out in the 70's mostly, sometimes the 80's.  it's great.  :)

We were planning outside yesterday, and a 14yr old boy came up to us and asked us if we wanted to pet his dog.  Of course we said yes, and talked with him for a little while.  he was really curious as to what we were doing.  We talked for awhile, and we're going to meet with him again on Saturday at 5 :)  Miracles!  I think those are the most important things...at least for right now.  My comp is awesome, and we have a lot of fun, and get a lot of work done.  it's great.  : )

I still feel a little stressed.  Just with training, and general mission things.  But about a month ago, I definitely would have been at a red stress level, which is dangerous, and now I'm around a yellow, which is a lot better.

I hope that all is well with y'all.

Sister Brown

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