Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's a great day!

I don't think I really had any challenges this week.  It was a really good week.  : )

Success: we had a miracle!  We were walking to find a potential, and walked by a lady.  Her name is Ciller.  She commented on Sis. M's skirt, so we went and talked to her.  She's from FL, and so fun.  And black.  : )  She said that there had been a lot of drama, and she was visiting her son and daughter in law. She was drinking a beer, but said that she hadn't done that in a log time...things were hard.  She had just prayed as we walked up and we were and answer to her prayers.  She said that she felt a calm, and when we were getting ready to leave (after sharing a message with her about the restoration) we prayed with her.  She said that she had had a headache, and the prayer worked like Tylenol.  She has been searching, and we were and answer to her prayers.  It was so cool.  : )  She was probably my favorite person this week.

Goal for this week..actually, write in my journal.  Seriously, it's been so long.  We've just been so busy, and people keep calling us at night...our planning takes WAY too long, and we only have time at night to get ready for bed, not really do anything else.  It's ridiculous.

We had interviews with President and Sis. Miller this week.  Yesterday actually.  Something really sweet that Sis. Miller said, is that she referred to Pres. Monsons talk about love, and said that that was me.  That I am love, like he talked about.  I thought that was really sweet.

Also, she talked about patriarchal blessings, and how neat they are.  We are working on helping our members that don't have them, towards getting them.  I love reading mind and knowing about the blessings that are in store for me.  I love the constant encouragement when I read it.  A few months ago Pres. talked about finding our personal ministry...like Christ had a ministry.  I decided that mine is to help those around me feel that when they are with me, they can be themselves.

I'm doing really well.  Like, a million times better than a few weeks ago.  Things are so good.  : )

Love ya'll so much!

Sis. Brown

I think the Elders are late for a meeting.

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