Tuesday, April 15, 2014



 "How are you this week?  Tell me a few things about you..."
I'm doing good this week.  About me...I'm torn between cutting my hair or not.  I love it long, and I love that while it's long...it's easy to put up.  And that will be good for the summer.  But it generally looks lazy and takes a while to do, which is a pain.  I also am contemplating with dying it again...but I kind of want to see how blonde I can get it this summer.  But I'm going gray...no joke.

"What has been your biggest challenge this week?"
Geting member present lessons.  We did a lot of good work this week,, but we struggled to have lessons, and when we did, to hav emembers there.  But, it's not all about numbers I guess.  Also, trying to get better at talking to people...  Actually, I guess in a nutshell a big struggle this week was realizng (yet again) all the weaknesses, and things to work on.  Seriously, there is so much.  And it's so hard to know where to start.  And then to be thinking about school, and just going home and things like that.  It all sneaks up on you so fast.  : (

"What has been your biggest success?"
We talked with Bishopo, and it was really good.  Before, we thought that he didn't really like us.  But now we're not so worried about it.  (I accidentally offended another member.  Sometimes I reallhy wonder what on Earth I'm doing in El Paso.)  So that's a little mess.  But Bishop was SO understanding, and really wants us to reach out to him, and just kind of be his friend.  He wants to help us, and we just didn't know it. 

"Who has been your favorite person this week?  Why?
My favorite person this week was probably Swa.  We met her a couple of weeks ago.  But she is SO prepared for the gospel.  Her and her husband Chris.  They are fellowshipped well from her neighbor, and they are just so awesome.  I think one of my favorite parts about being a missionary, is when you are teaching the plan of salvation, and you finish it, and you ask ho they are feeling or what they think, and they say "I want to make sure I go there!" as they point to teh Celestial Kingdom.  She just gets it!  It's so cool.  And she is South African, and so darling, and they have an ORANGE wall in their house, and she made us homemade fried chicken.  It's the greatest.  :)

"Do you have a goal set for this coming week?  Tell me about it."
To write in my study journal every day, and to talk with my companion to at least 5 people a day.  Actually, that's more of a transfer goal, but anyways.  I LOVE writing in my study jornal as I read the BOM.  I forgot how mjuch more you learn when you do.  I'm really excited to show you my BOM that I've been reading from when I get back.  :)

Lucky you for the super long email today!

Sister Brown


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