Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rules and Adventures

So, we have a new dinner rule, where we can only eat with active members 2x a week, and LA (less active), investigators, and PM (part member) families the other 5 days. We only have ONE scheduled meal this week..... maybe this will be good for me to lose weight ;) haha So anyways, we're gong to be making some calls to LA's so that we actually have dinners.   The dinner appointments.... well it's a way to help find. President told us that if we will follow this rule, that our baptisms will double. if we are teaching LA's and using our dinner effectively, ideally our teaching pool will really increase, and we will have lots more people to baptize! So, we're pretty hungry right now. But the ward will catch on soon :)
El Paso is growing on me. I don't think that I would ever really like to live here, but I do like serving here. I've made some good friends, and had a good time. Sister M. and I get along really well, and we have a lot of fun so it's good. I still feel stressed with training and things like that... it's a lot of work to make sure that you get everything done. And it falls on your shoulders if it doesn't get done... yadda yadda. It's a lot. But she's catching on, and we're getting alot done. It's mostly just staying organized so that it all continues to stay done. We also have to hand over several of our investigators this week to other missionaries to teach.. Because we were accidentally teaching people not in our area, or they are being awkward so it's better if we have the elders teach them.... we have a lot of finding to do haha. 
My week was really good :) Sister M. and I get along really well. So we're having all sorts of adventures! :)

1. We watched a baby snake eat a baby mouse. That was fascinating. And a little gross.
2. We helped a guy take in his groceries, and now we're meeting with him, and his roommate, and his roommate's GF. And we're having a movie night with them tonight (because it's our 'day off' haha). Little do they know, that we will be watching Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration :)
3. We made cupcakes yesterday while we were planning. But we didn't have a hand mixer. So we went knocking on our neighbors doors to meet them and ask them for a mixer. We met this SUPER cute old lady that is turning 93 on Sunday. And she didn't have an electric mixer, but she had one of those old fashioned hand ones. I got really buff when I was mixing the frosting :) haha
4. I got another wedding invitation this week..... yikes. 
5. We played lava tag last pday. I have a lot of bruises on my shins. But it was a lot of fun. 

6. Also, our district has matching bags and crazy straw glasses. We're taking a picture today. it's a lot of fun :)

Have a great week!

Sis. Brown

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