Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fun Times!

There is not much rain here now.  Like, none.  But there will be a lot more come July and August--monsoon season.  And with those storms, sometimes there is lightning, but not usually any thunder.  I miss me some good storms.  : )

Church is good!  We are working on getting referrals, so we are visiting more of the members and getting to know them a little better, then sharing a message and asking for people to teach.  This ward is so quirky.  I really do love them so darn much!  Brother Brown has a special place in my heart, and said that I have to go see him before I leave.  And I am likely getting transferred in a couple weeks because I've been here for awhile...so I'm eager to see what he has to say.  haha  It's probably a pep-talk about my life : )  lol

Sis. Mayberry and I sometimes get bored, and we have a lot of fun.  Mexican food...seriously, it's so good.  The candy and stuff takes a little while to get used to, cause you need to like chile.  But if you like chile, and spicy foods, everything is good.  Mole, mango, tamales, enchiladas, LOTS of beans and rice, more enchiladas, burritos (anything rolled in a tortilla), chicharrones, valentina (a hot sauce), tacos, horchata, haha...seriously, it's all good.  Lately we have taken to just frying tortillas, and rolling whatever we canf ind in them, and adding valentina.  Bam.  Dinner.  haha  : )  I will show yo of my ways in a few months.  : )  haha

The stress is up and down...it helps a lot to be such good friends with m companion, that's for sure.  But being a missionary in general stresses me out more now than it did at the beginning of my mission...idk.  I love it though, so I should be alright.  I will be super sad to leave this area, but I'm kind of looking forward to change.  Change is such a beautiful thing.  : )   Mom, I know that contradicts, like, all of your beliefs lol, but really.  Change is SO good.

I hope you have a fabulous week!!  I love you!!!

Sister Brown  : )

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