Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's Tuesday...again


Adventures...really not much this week.  Our dinner calendar is a little fuller, so that's nice.  We tried to roast marshmallows...but the guys we were gong to have a lesson with dropped us and no-showed.  And we didn't have a grill or anything...so just look at the pictures for our makeshift smores.  haha  ; )  We went to heuco tanks last week.  Look for pictures of those too.  It was a lot of fun.  : )  I can't really thing of anything else.  It was really slow.  This week should be better.  We came up with a point system for how we will get points when we contact people.  The one with the most points has to buy the other something at the end of the week.  i ow her elephant earrings, or she owes me a scarf.  But the most important part is that we are going to get better at talking to people, an we plan on finding a lot of new investigators.  We'll see.

Love you so much!!!

Sister Brown  : )

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