Monday, June 23, 2014

Transfer Time!


Well for transfer news, I'm moving!! and, I'm going North! I'm sad to leave the area, but more excited to be going north again! where exactly though, I'm not sure. normally I would go to transfers tomorrow.... but I guess they need a few of us to go up early so that there are enough seats to go up I guess... or something. So I'm going up this afternoon with all the departing missionaries, in the 'trunky truck'. It's a little sad because I had to try and cram in all my goodbye's yesterday, instead of also having tonight. But it's okay. Bishop had me bear my testimony yesterday in sacrament meeting which was really neat, and then everyone knew I was leaving, so I got a lot of really sweet hugs. I got some sweet cards from a lot of people, and some gifts too. A lei from the awesome Tongan family that helped us put on the luau, and some sage to burn.... it was a good day. The Brown family here that I love so much said that as long as I can get myself to EP, they will provide everything else. They're going to start the adoption papers soon ;) haha

Also a bonus of going up a day early... I get to go to the actual transfer meeting, and see a lot of missionaries I miss so much. AND, I get to stay the night with Sister Carter in my last area tonight!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!! :) :)

How are all the missionary mom's and their missionaries doing? The sisters in our mission are good. There are a lot, but I know that a LOT go home. There was a time, when I was an STL, that in a matter of like, 3 months I witnessed 6 sisters go home. And since then many more. It's really hard to watch, and I know that we still have a lot going home. But overall I think we average about 90 sisters in the mission, of a total of about 250. So not too shabby.
Sister Mayberry is a little nervous to stay in the area. I feel bad because of all the hype and attention of me leaving yesterday. But the ward loves her, even if she doesn't see it, and I know that things will go really well for her here. Just pray that her new companion is as cool as me haha jk jk ;)
It's still hot here. This week was a little cooler... the mornings were in the 80's, and the average in the high 90's. A lot better than the last couple weeks averaging above 100 daily. But, monsoon season is starting. It doesn't really rain much, but I can feel some humidity setting in.
We found a new investigator this week. I think I'm really drawn to like, the only black people in EP haha. Her name is Annabell, and she is so cute. We helped her bring in some furniture, and they are teaching her the Plan Of Salvation tonight. I'm sad that I'll miss it.
I think that's the biggest news! I love it here, but I am so excited to go see where I will die! ;) haha
love you so much!!

Sister Brown

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