Tuesday, August 19, 2014


So, not really any crazy people this week, but a lot of miracles!  Jennifer, the lady that we have been pulling weeds for weekly for like, the last month, she asks enough questions that we have taught her a few lessons already.  So last week at lunch, we talked about our missions, and then just offered that, as a friend, we would really like to share more with her about what we believe.  She accepted a Book of Mormon, and it was awesome!  : )  We are going to teach her again this week while we pull weeds!  Then Lois...we were checking potentials, and she was nice, but almost turned us away.  We ended up getting in (I still don't know how), and talking with her, and taking her to the family history center.  Then on Saturday we dropped by and went through her pictures and letters from family for generations.  So cool! d Then talked to her about the temples and sealings and priesthood and baptism.  So we're going back to teach her again this week!!!

Other adventures...I went on a random health food craze.  So I made pico de gallo (delicious.  I'll make some when I get home.)  And added spinach and mushrooms to chicken and all sorts of fancy stuff.  Smoothies too.  It was so good.  But too much money.  Ha Ha!

Well, I think that about sums up the week.  I'm so excited for time to go fast, and yet really nervous.  Everything is so jumbled.  It's kind of taking an emotional toll.  It's  all really stressful.  But I mostly just try not to think about it too much.  You know.  I'm trying to leave it all on the field.  Seriously, miracles are happening.  It's been super cool, cause we'll be with a member, and they will be like, "You guys are awesome!  Seriously, everyone loves you!  The ward appreciates your work!"  Things are really good.

There was a missionary that got home a couple weeks ago, and she is just glowing.  And then another sister get home, and it's all her mom can talk about for the last month.  It's really cute. : )  (made me think of you a little, mom.)  haha


Sis. Brown

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