Monday, August 4, 2014


You sneaky mom! What a clever title hahaha :) time is passing past though. It's so strange to think that I only have ONE transfer left! I am still here, and Sister Smith is staying too! So I'm really glad about that. The ward is crazy awesome :)
I cannot believe how tall Emily is. I think I refuse to believe that she is growing up. She's like, Jess's height! I think she's grown 5 inches since I left! That's insane! And Ethan too.... blows my mind.
haha man, I love Corrales. I really want to bring y'all to ABQ one day and show it to you. cause seriously, and an alpaca farm would be so fun. (i'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. i thought of you a little when i was taking them ;) But anyways, regardless, I do know that I want chickens! Those look like a lot of fun too! But I don't want horses, and I don't want cows. gross. haha
Studying.... admittedly my studies haven't been very focused lately. But I've spent a lot of time in this last conference's Ensign. And also in 3 Nephi. I'm almost done with the BOM again. I love it so much! This morning I read a verse that i really liked... in 3 Nephi 12:45 (I think). Anyways, it talks about gods love, and how the sun will rise on the evil and the good. We're all his children and he loves us and wants us back regardless of the decisions that we make right now.
Teaching is still slow, but I feel like we're on the horizon of something big. We have a few families in the ward that are hopefully going to be giving us some referrals soon! :)
We are seeing Jennifer this week! Helping her with more of her yard, so that's exciting :) I can't wait! There is seriously tons of service to do in this area... it's a blessing.

This last week was pretty good. We started teaching a lady named Margie that we found a couple weeks ago by trying formers that were in our area book. Anyways, she's crazy. Really nice though. First time we met her, she said she had done a lot of research on the beginnings of the church. She couldn't imagine why any woman would join the church, because her husband would be out wooing another 16 year old girl... yadd yadda yadda. Well, I turned to her and was like, "Margie, in all of your studying, have you read the Book of Mormon?" "No..." "Well, I have one for you. Just read this, and we'll talk about it next time we come. When is good for you?" It was awesome :) She has all sorts of interesting ideas about why would god use gold for the plates, because the conditions for mining it are awful and he wouldn't do that to those people. Or that there is a creator, but not really a god. We live now, and we need to be grateful for this life and not expect anything more... before or after. She just wants eternal rest, with no life after.... on and on. it blew my mind. We're going to bring some really smart people with us next time :) haha
I think that was the most exciting thing this last week. Besides I'm probably not going to lose the weight i
I want to for after my mission. people keep taking us out to eat. Like, lunch and dinner 2-3 times last week. aye-caramba.

Sis. Brown

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