Tuesday, July 29, 2014

End of July...Really?

This week we had a lot of fun! I'll put some pictures up in a minute.... I think I told you about Jennifer. A potential that we tried. anyways, she said that she wasn't particularly interested, but that we cold come back and help with her yard! So we went back this last week, and had a really good time! We helped weed, and sure enough, she started asking questions! We ended up teaching the whole first lesson to her while we weeded! It was so neat! She still isn't too sure about meeting with us, but we will help with her yard again on the 7th :) She is so cool. Also, she took us to lunch at this little place called Perea's, Tijuana Bar. We thought it looked cute, but didn't ever think to go in because it was a bar. But it's actually mostly restaurant with a little bar on the side, and it's a converted old house! (seriously, I can't wait to show you my quirky little Corrales village!)
We helped out RS pres with her alpaca's this week. I think I want an alpaca farm one day. They are so cute! :) I have a lot of pictures from that too.
Sister Smith had a family friend that was in town that got permission to take us out to dinner one night, so that was really fun!
Also, we park our car once a week in an effort to find more people, and to save miles. I got quite the sunburn.... so we snagged some aloe from a member, and we're going to invest in some sunscreen today. we were SO sweaty and nasty, and NO ONE was home. I wore a necklace.... and my sweat combined with the metal turned my neck GREEN. It was gross. haha :)
Also really fast, I heard a really cool analogy in sacrament yesterday. He was talking about Elder Uchtdorf's talk, 'you can do it now'. and how we need to keep going and pressing forward... like when you are on a bike. The faster you go, the better this 'invisible force' will keep you on the bike. But if you slow down, you are likely to fall. Works the same way with our lives, so we need to make sure that we keep pedaling! :)
Love you so much!! Miss you!! :) :)
Sister Brown

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