Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Story from El Paso

This week was good!! It's really neat to see the trust build with the ward. We have to build some damaged relationships.... I guess I'm good at that. I've had to do it to some degree in every area I've been in. Replace missionaries that the ward didn't love or trust all that much. So, it's nice when your WML comes to you and says, "I just want to let you know that you're doing things right.... I've gotten good reports from the ward members." Or the members approach you instead of waiting for you to approach them and say, "Hi! I'm sister so-and-so! I've heard a lot about you! Where are you from? :)"  .....it feels really good :)
Also this week we are racing the ZL's for OYM's (street contacts). So that's fun.
I sang in church on Sunday. Sister Smith played, and I convinced one of the ZL's to sing with me.... he didn't think he could sing. It's amazing what a little faith and some practice can do! ;) haha
We met a crazy lady this week.... I think she's schitzo. She told me to go get a boyfriend and have sex, god won't care. But she also told us that she told us that she talks to angels and all sorts of stuff... it was crazy.
A member made me scones, sort of like you do, mom... because I was craving them. And we found a Krispy Kreme :) It was a good week!

Story from when I was in El Paso:
We went over for blessings one Sunday, to the WML's home, and got the pep talk of a lifetime. It was so good :) Anyways, he had us write our full names, and then our start and end date with a dash in between right under. He asked us what was the most important part..... we both pointed to different parts of our names. But he explained that it was the DASH. The time between the start and end date. We have to make every second count, and let the dash grow nice and deep. Appreciate everything, and make the dash count. After that they would always ask us how our dashes were going :)  My dash is going really great :)

Have a fantastic week!

Sis. Brown

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