Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This ward is awesome! : )

This week was pretty good!! We had 26 oyms (street contacting)!! which, is a record high for us. Nowhere near what we need... but much better than where we have been! We went on exchanges.. that was really nice. I stayed in the area.  I was a little sad about that. The sister we exchange with are in the Volcano Cliffs area, and they visited Christi! (which, she is putting in mission papers in a week! ah!) But, we were trying some potentials out in Corrales..... we met this lady named Jen. She is so cool! She said that missionaries came by like, 5 years ago when she was having a hard time. She said that she is not really interested, and her husband is anti religion... but she did call us, and ask if we could come and help with her yard, and she would make us lunch!! So, that's awesome :)
And did I tell you about the change in our dinner policy a few months ago? We are allowed to have dinners with active members 2 days a week, and the other days they need to be with less actives, or investigators. Or we can be at an active members home, if they invite a less active friend or nonmember. So this last week, we had 3 members invite friends over!!! No new investigators yet... but it was SO cool! I had never had that happen before. This ward is so awesome :)

Tell everyone hi for me!!!

Sis. Brown

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